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In my 14+ years of experience i worked several firms and learned a lot. Now the time has come to share you with my best of knowledge

IT Project Management

It’s a complicated but interesting work that i am doing currently.

Digital Consultant

Being an IT professional I do provide Digital Consultancy services 

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Insurance Adviser

Insurance for your secure life and its do matter. Get yourself covered.

Online marketing

Your business can only run smoothly if you do your marketing right.

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Content Marketing

Content is the future online business and great content always sell well.

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Website & Blogging

Don’t know where to start how to start? Get step by step tips and trick 


An ardent professional with 14+ years of experience in Information & Technology and Online Marketing. Presently associated with Ecorys India Pvt Ltd as an Information Technology Expert. Worked with Concept Eduventures Pvt. Ltd (Currently Potential & Concept Educations) as a Business Development Manager from 2012 to 2019
Worked with imagedb.com, A unit of Lohia Networks Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon as a Business Development Manager also worked with India’s largest stock photo company “Photosindia.com Pvt. Ltd”, Gurgaon, Haryana as Online Marketing Manager.

I have Experienced in building & maintaining relationships with key corporate decision makers and establishing large volume & high profit.

Professional service

Here you will learn about new technologies of tomorrow also I will be sharing my experience in the field of Blogging, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. I have done my MBA in Information Technology and have more than 14 years of experience in this field. Currently, I am working as an IT Project Consultant.

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Time is money

Yes, Time is Money and if you lose your time by simply doing nothing you are losing money. So learn new skills , read books excel in your field and provide valuable service to your customers. 

If you have the right skills do something great your customers will definitely come to you again and again. 

Here in my blog you will love to learn new skills that will surly help you growing your own business.

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Location is everything

My website www.debajitadhikary.com is  my virtual office, and i can provide services to the world sitting at home. 

Now business is spreading and expanding at the speed of light across the globe with the help of Internet.

My e-mail address is: [email protected]

Customers reviews

I'm pleased to recommend Debajit. We have worked with him regularly over four years and continue to do so. Over this time we have been approached by many other providers offering similar services but have never felt the need to change as Debajit does what he promises on time and very reasonably.
Mark Eite
Director of Business Development at Aflo
Debajit is detailed oriented manager, he knows his work well and as a good leader he guide his team to give best out of their work. He is out performer in his duty of obtaining sales and sincere in maintaing good business relationship with client.
Ram Goswami
Senior Manager - Revenue at Showbox
Debajit believes in team work and is always ready to assist you in whatever best way he can. He has got very professional attitude towards his job area and never compromises with the work. An honest and hard working man.. I wish him best for his career ahead.. 🙂
Aarti Sharma