4 of the Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills in-demand by Businesses in 2021

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Cybersecurity is the art of protecting people and organizations against the malicious intent of hackers trying to gain access to their systems. The rise in digital applications, IoT, Big data, etc., has created a large amount of data that call out for robust cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity is in high demand, a rapidly expanding field with the need for qualified workers, job openings in various sectors, skilled professionals and ever-changing challenges, and a fast-paced work environment.

If you find the prospect of protecting an organization’s digital assets from hackers exciting and want to enter the field of cybersecurity. First of all, it is essential to research the field, find out what skills are most in-demand, what a typical cybersecurity job looks like, and then learn more about the skills required for a cybersecurity career.

Individuals pursuing a career in the cybersecurity field need to have a vast set of professional, technical, and functional skills and some essential cybersecurity skills to make them stand apart from the competition. Let us discuss some of the fastest-growing cybersecurity skills in this blog.

Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills

The world is adopting technology more and more every day, and our digital security is also becoming more crucial than ever as a result. The protection of our data, programs, and digital information is becoming vital now that everything is stored online on the cloud. Cybersecurity professionals with specific skills play a chief role in keeping our security and security of our business and organization intact.

Security professionals in the IT industry with expertise in application development security, cloud computing, risk management will have the most employment opportunity in 2021 and beyond. The also predicts cloud security expertise grabs the prime salary boost of $15,025 in 2021.

In-demand Cybersecurity Skills

It is also a matter of debate which skills are the most in-demand in cybersecurity. This helps the employee learn the imperative skills to advance their career. Some of the top cybersecurity skills most in-demand, according to the Burning glass reports, are:

1.Application development security

Application development security is analyzing vulnerabilities in the app, developing and adding security features to protect it from hackers. As the field of modern software development catch up speed, more threat actors exploit the rapid production of application as a chance to attack vulnerabilities in your code. Fortunately, there are application development security experts to protect your data and digital assets from a hacker.

Application security is no more an afterthought. To build a secure application, one must integrate security measures in all software development life cycle parts. Burning glass report makes this evident with demand in Application development security skills to increase 164%, topping the list among other cybersecurity skills.

Expertise in application development security skills is imperative in some key specialized occupations, such as Software Developer, System Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Network Architect.

Projected Salary boosts with the Skillset in 2021: $12,266.

5-Year Projected Growth: 164%

2.Cloud security

Cloud security refers to all the measures, policies, and rules implemented to protect the data in the cloud from hackers. On account of businesses making a shift to the cloud, robust cloud security is necessary. Security threat is continually evolving and becoming more complex, which means cloud computing is at no less danger than the on-premises environment. For this reason, it is needed to have the finest qualified cloud security professional to manage the threats for the organization.

As we move our data, devices, business operations, and more to the cloud, cloud security becomes increasingly important. This expansion is apparent with the Burning Glass report forecasting that cloud security skills will be providing a salary boost of $15,025- most of all other skills on the list in 2021.  Cloud security is also the second most rapidly growing skill. The demand for specialists with knowledge of cloud security know-how will go up by 115% in the next five years.

Expertise in Cloud security skills is imperative in some key specialized occupations like Cloud Architects, System Engineers, Cybersecurity Engineers, Software Developers, and Cybersecurity Consultants.

Projected Salary boosts with the Skillset in 2021: $15,025.

5-Year Projected Growth: 115%

3.Risk management

Risk management is the act of analyzing the potential risk, protecting and minimizing the adverse effect of risk on an organization. It is a cooperative program where the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) generally develops the risk plan in harmony with the stakeholders and can efficiently manage them.

Expertise in Risk management skills is imperative in some key specialized occupations like Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Manager, Cybersecurity Analyst, System Engineer, and Network Architect.

Projected Salary boosts with the Skillset in 2021: $13,379.

5-Year Projected Growth:60%

4.Threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence refers to the information or data that an organization uses to understand the threats that it faces. Threat intelligence data provide the stakeholder needed information to make risk-free judgments for the company’s future business prospect. It helps businesses be prepared for potential cyber-attacks and deflect any cyber-attack before they occur by taking appropriate security measures.

Expertise in Threat management skills is indispensable in some key specialized occupations like Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Vulnerability Analyst, Security Intelligence Analyst, and Software Developer.

Projected Salary boosts with the Skillset in 2021: $9,609.

5-Year Projected Growth:41%

Cybersecurity is the most in-demand and ever-growing career field, with numerous job opportunities for individuals in the area. The hyper-digitalization and large-scale adoption of technology have led to the growth of cybercrime also. Businesses expect security professionals to save data, networks, systems from hacker’s malicious intents. And for this, they need security experts who manage an organization’s security efficiently. Risk management and threat intelligence are some other skills that are projected to grow 60% and 41% respectively in the next five years.


The New York Times predicted there would be in 2021.  It might surprise you to know that many companies are willing to hire employees even without relevant degrees. The skill gap in cybersecurity is so large that companies even hire Business graduates, so long you have the required skills in the form of certification or experience. One such certification widely identified by security professionals worldwide is the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification. It covers the fundamental required to become a proficient ethical hacker.

The pandemic moved everything, be it business services or education, and more online. Though this switch to the cloud is no less risky than on-premises. Your organization must choose the right cloud security solutions to ensure your organization gains the best from cloud services and guarantees your organization is protected from unapproved access, data breaches, and other dangers faced by organizations.

Become an Ethical Hacker

Suppose you want to be an ethical hacker with the top certification with all the skills organizations looks for in ethical hackers. In that case, you should get the EC-Council’s C|EH certification. CEH has modules covering everything about cloud security. The certification ensures you have a good grasp of basic and advanced technical knowledge of the domain. It provides a particle approach to ensure your digital assets on the cloud are protected. This certification is recognized by the US Department of Defense and includes knowledge of a broader aspect of the entire cybersecurity domain.

Cloud security skill has a major market value. Learning the cloud security skill will improve your career prospect. If you are an organization looking to enhance your employee’s cloud security skills, CEH will enable them to have the knowledge of defending digital assets on the cloud and strengthen your business.


What is cloud security?

Cloud security is the set of policies, rules techniques used to secure data stored online from a breach, leakage, corruption, virus, etc. It is imperative businesses save their data online from hacker’s malicious intent.

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What are the fastest-growing cybersecurity skills in 2021?

The top ten fastest-growing cybersecurity skills in 2021 are Application development security, cloud security, risk management, threat intelligence, incident response, compliance and controls, data privacy and security, access management, security strategy and control, and health information security.

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