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How to start amazon affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020 India in easy steps?

When I started understanding affiliate marketing the first choice was to start with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. The reason was simple: Amazon is the big player in the market and it has products from A to Z. So finding a niche product was not difficult with Amazon. 

We always love to recommend some products to our family members or friends whenever they ask. What if by recommending some products from Amazon to our dear ones Amazon pays the commission. Sounds Amazing haah..

Yes, you heard it right..

Amazon pays commission up to 10% on some products you recommend to others. But how to do Amazon Affiliate? Today’s topic will be on this.


Amazon affiliate program or also known as Amazon associate is the most easy way to monetize your affiliate blog, because it is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing programs in the world.  

If you own a blog or a YouTube channel with sufficient traffic or visitors you can easily monetize your traffic with the Amazon Affiliate program. The product and program range is huge and one can easily choose their products and start earning.

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amazon affiliate marketing

In just three steps you can earn commission from qualifying purchase and products

  1. Sign up
  2. Recommend
  3. Earn

A very lucrative way to earn money online through Amazon Affiliate Programs with link building tools. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your links, which you have published on your blog or YouTube channel description,  you get the commission up to 10% . It is that simple Business Model.

But the question is How to do that? In this article you will get to know how a beginner can earn in Dollars with few steps.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate program or Amazon associate program are both the same and don’t be confused.It helps Affiliate Marketers , Professional Bloggers, Youtubers,  Digital Marketers and all other Social media content creators generate lucrative commissions by recommending any products of your niche. 

Whenever any of your audience or viewers click your affiliate links and buy that product from Amazon online market you earn some referral fees. It’s completely FREE for any Content creators and Pro bloggers to become Amazon Associates. We need to advertise these products from on our sites by creating links, and these links can be created using Amazon’s tools.

How does Amazon affiliate Marketing work?

Amazon Affiliate works in a very simple and easy way. Let’s understand this concept with an example. 

Suppose you are passionate about  decorating your home and you love to do that. So you purchased some Home decor items from Amazon and created a YouTube channel or Blog and started creating a few contents for both your Youtube viewers as well as your blog’s audience.

You get lots of applause from your friends and readers but  no money yet. Now, you can create affiliate links by using their amazing tools and re-write your articles with these links in the description box of your YouTube videos as well as Blogs content.

Now get applause as well as money that is also in dollars from amazon. Isn’t it amazing.   

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Rules and Requirements

We must know what are the rules and requirements for the Amazon affiliate account before investing time and money on it. Affiliate Marketing model is one of the smartest business models in the world now. 

But to be in that market you must know the terms and conditions of that particular affiliate program. Amazon too has certains rules and regulations which we must follow to keep in the business.

Most of the Rules are from an ethical business point of view. How you promote their products. Here are few must follow rules

  1. You must disclose on your site or in your communication that you may be eligible to earn from your recommendations. 
  2. You must not make false or deceptive claims in your recommendations. 
  3. Avoid referring to prices (with some exceptions) since prices frequently change. 
  4. Do not use Amazon affiliate links in offline promotions, eBooks, or email. 
  5. Do not use link shorteners on affiliate links. 

You can read Amazon’s full policy here.

 Now we have understood the Rules. Let’s understand what are the requirements to do Amazon affiliate marketing.

 There are mostly 3 categories of people can join the Amazon affiliate program:

  1. Blogger/Website owners – Since Amazon affiliate program is FREE to join so people those who have an affiliate blog or an existing website. You can start your affiliate marketing journey here.
  1. YouTubers: A YouTube channel is a great way to start, you can use it to apply to become an Amazon affiliate.
  1. Social media influencers – Amazon influencer is a new program that is open for mini-celebrities a.k.a. social media influencers. This is an extension of the Amazon associate program and can be joined by anyone.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

1. Create a website or blog.

2. Visit the Amazon Associates homepage

3. Begin building your Amazon Associates profile by clicking New Customer.

4. Enter your account information.

5. Enter your website address.

6. Enter your preferred store ID.

7. Explain how you drive traffic to your site.

8. Enter your phone number.

9. Choose your payment method.

10. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

1. Log in to your Amazon Associate account.

2. Click on Product Linking in the top banner and select Product Links.

3. Add the ASIN of the product OR search Amazon for the product.

4. Click the Go button.

5. Click the Get Link button on the right side.

6. Alternatively, you can use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe to generate Amazon Affiliate links.

7. Use the generated link on your site or other promotional materials according to Amazon’s standards.

Which Amazon associate program should you join?

The best way is that you join the Amazon India first and get the experience. Later once you are expert in your niche gradulallly you can join the other networks. 

Below, you could find the list of all Amazon affiliate store signup page link:


United Kingdom:








You need to click on these links and join their affiliate program. In the same process you need to follow.

Amazon Affiliate commission rates in 2020:

The Commission rate varies from product category. Luxury Beuty products are the highest paying commission in Amazon affiliate, folllowed by Furtniturem Home Decore , Pets products , Outdoor tools, Digital Music, Grocery , Digital videos etc. 

The list is given below. You can also find your niche here.   

How To Increase The Conversion Rate

  1. Include more links (use Buy buttons)
  2. Use A Link Localizer
  3. Promotion Is Important
  4. Use the affiliate links in images and text as well
  5. Use proper theme and plugins
  6. Write the content in details with pros and cons
  7. Use table of contents
  8. Add related posts at the end of the articles

How to promote your Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Promotion is very important for article you write. Writing a great article is not enough if you dont promote it properly. So here are few tips 

  1. You need to create a separate profile for your brand or niche blog on each social media platform like 
    1. Facebook, 
    2. Twitter, 
    3. Reddit, 
    4. Pinterest, 
    5. LinkedIn, and 
    6. Telegram/Whatsapp groups
  2. Must use online questions site Quora and Reddit and help people solving their problems by giving them a valuable suggestion
  3. Find relevant forums for your niche blogs and start commenting with your valuable information
  4. You can also do paid promotions on these sites as well for better conversion. 

Is Amazon Associates Better Than Adsense?

The answer is “YES”. Affiliate marketing always gives more profit than Google Adsense. But wait. Before you judge you need to understand the fact that getting the right amount of traffic for a beginner will be a bit difficult at the time of beginning. 

You need to create great content that people will visit your blog again and again. Once you have suffecient amount of viwers you can start your affiliate marketing strategy. 

With Google Adsense you can earn upto $100 per month if there in 1000 visitors a day with eCPM $3 (standard)

Whereas if you monetize your blog with amazon affiliate with the right traffic you could earn  $200-$2000 per month depending on the product you promote.


Finally, it’s time to recap what we have discussed. Read the article, again and again, try to follow the instruction which has given. Build you confidence and start working on it. 

You might be asking this question “How to build a successful Amazon affiliate site?” 

All the content creator and professional bloggers have  a different idea of success. It’s different from everyone. For some, it’s an Amazon Affiliate blogs that makes $1,000/month. For others, it might be a more ambitious goal of $10,000/month or more. 

Whatever the number, the steps to success are the same.

  1. Choose a good niche
  2. Find profitable keywords
  3. Create the “right” kind of content
  4. Drive traffic to your site through SEO
  5. Get clicks on affiliate links
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FAQ on Amazon Affiliate Program

What is an Amazon affiliate?

Amazon affiliate program let’s Content creators, Pro bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, and many Digital Marketers earn money monetizing their blogs by referring or recommending sales to Amazon. When anybody clicks on these links and buy products from Amazon they get a commission (referral fees)

Can I get the technical details of the product from Amazon? If I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program

Yes, you can all the information related to those particular products. The point is that you just can’t copy and paste this information in your blog. Rather you can use plugins like AAWP which use API to get the information from Amazon. 

How to create an Amazon affiliate marketing account?

You just need to follow these steps:

Go to the Amazon Associates homepage;
Sign in with your Amazon account;
Follow the on-screen instructions

If you don’t have any website you can also give links to your social site as well as YouTube channel links.

How do I fill out an Amazon affiliate form?

1. Enter details of your Account information
2. List your website or any app details ( you can also use your social media links)
3. Create your profile with legit information
4. Verify your identity 
5. Stat using Associate Central

How do I write as an Amazon affiliate?

If you are a beginner take one product in your niche (Keyword) and write articles around those products. Optimized your article in the following blocks

Pros and Cons Block
Comparison Block
Good Bad Review Block
Top-Picked Block
Call to Action Block
Notice Display Block

How do I start Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners?

If you are a beginner you can simply start your journey by creating a YouTube channel and start recording videos of your favourite products. Both Amazon affiliate program and YouTube is completely FREE and you can just start your business with ZERO capital. 

But yes you need to invest on your time and dedication It is not a quick-rich scheme. It takes time to and you can learn more skills along the way.

How do I choose an affiliate on Amazon?

You can choose as an Affiliate program with proper research using various keywords research tools like Ubersuggest or Google Keywords planner. I have already discussed this topic broadly in another article. This might help you how to keyword research.

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