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My name is Debajit Adhikary, I have done my MBA in Information Technology. I am a 40 years old young boy like you. 😊 . Currently, I am working on a project with the Govt of Assam in Guwahati, Assam. I have two kids. Last month I joined Kulwant Nagi’s Affiliate Marketing course. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? Please read my article here

It’s an awesome course and value for money. In his course, he explained very clearly what to do and what not to do in a very step by step manner. How to select your niche ideas, how to register a domain name, Keyword research, SEO optimization, email marketing, and lots more. 

I never thought in my 14 years of experience that there is a huge potential in the Affiliate marketing sector. Currently, I am exploring with his guidance and I found this is one of the best Affiliate marketing courses in my entire career.

Moreover, he also takes care of each and every student personally through his private Telegram and Facebook group. And the best part is Periodic webinars where you can ask your queries LIVE if you stuck somewhere. 

 I highly recommend his Affiliate Marketing course to all the newbie out there who really wants to do something bigger in his career.

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What is in the Affiliate Marketing course?

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Masterclass online course

Over the next few days, you will unlock some actionable, interesting, and very educational modules. This Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course is for those who have completed the Blogging Blueprint 2.0 course. A step by step guide in the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Each module contains 4-5 videos which will unlock every single day so that you take action after watching those videos.

This course is divided into 8 modules.

Module 1: Basic Knowledge (4 videos) for Affiliate Marketing Course

In this module, you will learn the basic knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. What are some myths in Affiliate Marketing? Why 90% of bloggers fail due to this misconception.

Module 2: Finding the Niche (4 videos)

Finding the right niche for your blog is a very tough job. Here in this Affiliate Marketing Course module, you will learn how to select your best possible niche based on your passion and profit. After completing this module you will get endless ideas for selecting your blog niche.

Module 3: Keyword Research and SEO (5 videos)

In this module, you will get the idea of how to do Keyword research using Semrush and other SEO tools for your niche. Who are your competitors and how to spy on them? A must watch videos for newbies.

Module 4: Writing Content which Brings Sales (6 videos)

Content is the King of any blog. Without content Affiliate Marketing is nothing. In this Affiliate marketing Course module, you will learn what are the basic type of contents and how you can write compelling content around the keywords for your niche blog.

Module 5: Email Marketing (5 videos)

Although e-mail marketing is an old technique but here you will learn how can you leverage this old technique and make your blog a cash cow. From basic to advanced you will get all the information in these five videos

Module 6: Driving Traffic to Your Affiliate Blog (5 videos)

How much content you write or whatever keywords you choose, if there is no traffic there is no money. So you need to understand this logic. In this module Kulwant Nagi ji shows you simple but very effective way of getting traffic to your blog.

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization – Link Building (5 videos)

Impressing Google is not a child play. you need to understand each and every policy they implement. So Search Engine Optimization is must for each blogger out there for a better result from your affiliate blogs. A must learn course for every blogger.

Module 8: Miscellaneous (3 videos)

How to jump-start your career in Affiliate marketing you will get to know in this Affiliate marketing Course module. With a few steps, you will be in the sate of counting money. So be ready to learn and have patience. Nurture your knowledge and wait for the tree that gives you fruit.

Affiliate Marketing Course

If you have any queries during the course, you can either ask questions just below the comment section on the video or simply send an email at [email protected]

You will also access to private Telegram and Facebook group where you can ask your questions related to Affiliate Marketing Course.

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What is Blogging Blueprint 2.0 course?

Blogging Blueprint 2.0 is really an awesome online course to kickstart your career as a blogger. In this course, you will learn from where to start your blogging career. What are the basic steps you need to take? How to write articles and rank on google? How can you monetize your blog etc?

Each and every video you will see here is very informatics and easy to understand.
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