11 Blog Post Content Ideas

11 Great ideas to find your Blog Post Content Ideas

Many friends of mine are struggling to find the Blog Post content ideas for their Affiliate Blog. What to write next? How to get the possible ideas? What people are searching? 

Today I am going to give you 10 sure fire ideas to find your Blog post Content. I will show you some easy but mind boggling technique to find your blog post content ideas. No matter what topic or niche you are writing these techniques or you  can say strategies will sure help you.

Blog Post Content Ideas #1: Hubspot.com

If you don’t know Hubspot let me tell you that Hubspot is a tool cum blog where you can do many things. I personally use this tool for my Affiliate Blog. Here is the screenshot of the first page.

Blog Post Content Ideas -Hubspot

So what you can do is to type your niche in the search box for e.g “Affiliate Marketing” click the “Add” button. In the next screen it will show another button “Give Me Blog Ideas”. Once you click on the button it will show you a list of Blog ideas content. 

You can also download the ideas in an Excel file or in pdf file for your future reference. You can write on these topics and soon you will find huge traffic flooding on to your blog.

Blog Post Content Ideas #2: Quora

Quora is a Questions Answer Platform from where you can research on your topic. So, just log in to Quora.com and on the top right corner you will see a search option. Type your topic and hit enter. 

You will see tons of questions people asked. Copy the question and search on google, check the monthly search volume, CPC and competition. If you find the Keyword good and then write a content around that keyword in your blog. 

Here is the screenshot of the quora. 

Blog Post Content Ideas - Quora

You can not only research one topic but also whatever topic you want you can type on quora search and get your Blog Post Content ideas. Make full use of quora and write your content.

Blog Post Content Ideas #3: AnswerthePublic.com

Answerthepublic.com is a website where you can find questions that people from various sectors ask. So let me show you how we can find topics in Answerthepublic.com platform.

Go to answerthepublic.com and discover what people are asking about. Click on the search button type your search topic and hit the “search” button. 

You will get a hell lot of ideas for your blog topic. Pick up a question search on google see the competition there, the search volume and if it feasible write a content around that question. 

Here is the screenshot of the answerthepublic.com page. You can also download the ideas in an Excel file for your future reference. This  is great tool to find your blog post ideas. 

Blog Post Content Ideas - Answerthepublic

Blog Post Content Ideas #4: Questiondb.io

Alternate to Answerthepublic.com there is another very good tool for your Blog Post ideas is the questiondb.io . 

Blog Post Content Ideas - questiondb.io

Write your topic on the search press the “Generate” Button you can see topics related to your niche. You can also download the topic ideas in an Excel file.

Blog Post Content Ideas #5: Youtube.com

Everybody is using youtube to watch their favourite videos. You may be thinking how can I find my Blog topic ideas here on Youtube?

Blog Post Content Ideas - Youtube

Yes, you can find your Blog Post Ideas here too. Go to the search option and just type the keyword you want to write about. You will see a drop down list where people already search on youtube. 

Now hit the enter button and voila you got the ideas. Isn’t it a cool idea to find your topic research ideas?

Blog Post Content Ideas #6: Facebook Group

There are lots of Facebook groups there for your topic. Join those groups and you will see many newbie bloggers as well as pro bloggers find their ideas from their facebook groups.

Blog Post Content Ideas - FacebookGroup

You can join my facebook group from the above link and ask questions related to Affiliate Marketing. 

You can find your topics on Facebook, just search on Facebook and join these groups. Now observe what people are asking. Try to solve those questions by creating an article around that question. 

You need to add values to their life by solving their real life problems. This way you can find your Blog Topic ideas.

Blog Post Content Ideas #7: Twitter

Now let’s see how we can find blog topic ideas from Twitter too in a similar method. Yes, from twitter also we can find our content ideas like facebook. But there is a different approach or way to search for the topic. 

So let’s go and see how we can find blog topic ideas for your niche. Log in to twitter.com and hit the search button by typing your topic. You will see so many topics related to your Keywords. 

Seeing those ideas can’t we write an article on it. Yes, we can. Now you can promote different products in that article and earn revenue from that Blog post. 

Blog Post Content Ideas - Twitter

Blog Post Content Ideas #8: Semrush

Semrush is the most powerful tool for Keyword research. 

Blog Post Content Ideas - Semrush

If you don’t have Semrush just get their 7 days free trial and you will love it.

Blog Post Content Ideas - Semrush Topic Research

Login to Semrush dashboard and click on the topic research tab. Type the topic you want to write on it. It will collect all the ideas related to that particular topic and voila you got it. You can also download the list of topics in Excel files for your future reference. 

Blog Post Content Ideas #9: UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is a very good tool developed by Neil Patel. It is being used widely in India and the world for not only to generate  Blog post ideas but also for keywords research and spy on your competitors. Ubersuggest helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. With Ubersuggest’s free keyword tool, generate unlimited blog post ideas.

Blog Post Content Ideas - UberSuggest by Neil Patel

It’s a FREE tool. Log in to ubersuggest type your keyword , select the for which country you want to search for and hit the “SEARCH” Button. You will get endless ideas. There are many features in the ubersuggest app. Try to explore it and make your blog a cash cow.

Blog Post Content Ideas #10: Google Question Hub

Google also has a Questions Answers hub where people ask their problems and Google Search organizes this information in a very systematic way to find the most relevant, useful results for each user’s search. 

But what if the content just isn’t there? 

Blog Post Content Ideas - Google Questions Hub

That’s why Google created the Question Hub platform.

First, they collect unanswered questions directly from users to identify content gaps online. Creators like us can then use these insights to create better content for our audience. Finally, once it’s online, this better, richer content can benefit everyone.

Blog Post Content Ideas #11: Meet People and Discuss

Last but not the least is to meet people and share your ideas. This is one of the best ways to find your blog post ideas by meeting people. When we meet people of like minded we discuss, isn’t it? Make this a habit to discuss their problems and issues related to the topic you want to write. 

Write articles on those topics and try to solve their problems. When you publish better content the web improves for everyone.

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