Blogging Using Smartphones and earn money online

How to do Blogging Using Smartphones 2 awesome apps

Blogging Using Smartphones is tough but not impossible. Recently there was a small survey on How many of us have a Laptop or computer 

This survey was done by one of our blogger friends and he found an interesting outcome that 55% of people have laptops and 45% of people do not have laptops. They use smartphones mostly. 

Many people didn’t try blogging thinking that since they don’t have any PC, they can’t. But you have a smartphone in your hand which is no other than a powerful computer. You can use a Smartphone to earn money online.

Those who have laptops for them it will be very easy to manage things and learn. But those who have mobile phones can still do the same but it needs practice and patients. 

So let’s start: How can we blog using our mobile smartphone?

Blogging Using Smartphones

If you are already a blogger you know that there are two popular FREE and Paid platforms, Blogger from Google and WordPress

To manage these two platforms they have their official Apps both in Android and iOS. With the help of apps you can easily manage your blog, you can write contents, you can upload images, share etc.

Blogging with Blogger

Blogger is a FREE platform from Google itself. You can download the app from Google play store and login with your gmail account. 

Blogging Using Smartphones: Blogger

Once you download the app. It looks like this

Blogging Using Smartphones
Blogging Using Smartphones

You can download the latest release of the official Blogger app, and start Blogging Using Smartphones on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:

  1. Compose or write an article post that you can save to draft 
  2. You can immediately publish your article
  3. Insert images, hyperlinks to your other posts
  4. Edit existing posts with bold or italic 
  5. View list of your saved and published posts/article
  6. Switch account/blog if you have more than one blog
  7. Embed images from the gallery, 
  8. Taking a picture directly from the app
  9. Add labels to your posts
  10. Analyze your traffic

With the Blogger app for Android, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is one of the popular platforms most bloggers are using these days and with the help of it’s the awesome app you can do Blogging Using Smartphones. Almost all the tasks that are essential for blogging you can do sing this app.

It’s used by hobby blogs, businesses of all sizes, online stores, even the biggest news sites on the internet. Odds are that many of your favorite websites are running on WordPress.

Blogging Using Smartphones: WordPress

It gives you a more powerful tool in your pocket that Blogger don’t. With WordPress you can do the following with ease

  1. You can Create, Build and manage your website
  2. Create beautiful posts and pages on the go
  3. Stats: Track what your visitors love weekly, monthly & Yearly
  4. Notifications and alerts: check what happening in real time
  5. Captures ideas on the go and Publish instantly
  6. Reader: explore thousands of topics by tag
  7. Share from anywhere on social media
  8. WordPress is an open source website creator, meaning anyone can see how it’s made, and even contribute
  9. Using stats on the mobile app for a deep dive into your site’s performance.
  10.  find new content and expand your site’s audience. 

P.S: You can also open your blog on your mobile’s Chrome browser and experience writing like on a PC, you just need to tab the “Desktop site”.

My Recommendation 

Self hosted domain – Siteground:

Theme – Generatepress:

Best plugin – Elementor:

Life always offers you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow. 

Do you know the meaning of this line my friend? It means that it’s never too late to start over, it’s never too late to try again, it’s never too late to attend something new. it’s never too late to become something you want to become.

So dear friend when we get the second chance, we should utilize it and we should keep trying until we succeed.

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