CoinFlip partners with actor Neil Patrick Harris to deliver cryptocurrency education

Neil Patrick Harris has jumped into the world of cryptocurrency ATMs through an advertising campaign called “So Flippin’ Easy.”

CoinFlip, a cryptocurrency ATM provider, has partnered with actor Neil Patrick Harris to deliver an advertisement called “So Flippin’ Easy.” In this ad, Neil Patrick Harris provides information on CoinFlip’s ATM and cash-to-bitcoin model, according to a press release.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dollar bill just leveled up,” Harris said in a Youtube advertisement while holding a $20.

During the advertisement, Harris explained that the CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM can turn cash into crypto “instantaneously” with no “lengthy log-ins, money transfers, waiting periods.”

“Cryptocurrency is the future of how we shop, invest and do business, but it can also be incredibly technical and intimidating. I prefer my transactions to be simple and to the point,” Neil Patrick Harris, said in the release. “It’s why I joined forces with CoinFlip — their ATMs make it so anyone can turn their cash into a significant investment opportunity with a great return. I’m pleased to partner with them and spread the word about how their ATMs and online Trade Desk services work, so more people can have access to the exciting world of cryptocurrency.”

In addition to Youtube, the campaign is also running nationally on television, OTT and social channels. Television and OTT spots will initially run in Chicago, Boston, Tampa, Denver and San Antonio with 60-, 30-, 15- and six-second spots.

You can watch the video with Neil Patrick Harris below.

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