Significance of Cookies in Affiliate Marketing

What is the significance of Cookies in Affiliate Marketing? | What is First click and Last click attribution?

Ever wondered how come  Amazon remembers your recently viewed products even if you visited the site for a long time? It’s with the help of Cookies in Affiliate Marketing?

Sometimes also the website warns that it has cookies whether to accept it or not.

So What are cookies first of all?

Let’s understand first. 

Whenever we browse any website the browser stores information about our preference, for example whenever you go to a website you see those pop-ups or you see those cookie consent, where you say i accept, but the next time when you  visit the website it does not show the pop-ups or the cookie consent.

Well that’s what the cookie does.

It’s a small piece of programs (or tiny files) stored by your browser  that are sent to the user’s computer when we visit any website which has cookies enabled.

Cookies in Affiliate Marketing

How does it help if Affiliate Marketing?

Because of the cookies the companies or the affiliate marketplace understand that the sales has come from you. 

Every cookie has a lifespan. Like for example Amazon has a 24 hour cookie. That means when somebody clicks on your Affiliate Link and if they make a purchase within the first 24 hours you get a commission.

Now, many other affiliate programs have a higher cookie life, like 30 days , 60 days some of them also have lifetime, which is amazing and which actually helps.

But the real question is what if somebody clicks on your affiliate link and somebody else’s affiliate link as well , who will get the commission?

Being an Affiliate Marketer you must also know

What is first and last click attribution Cookies in Affiliate Marketing

So, this we are going to discuss today. 

Let’s learn 

Well that’s where the first click and last click attribution come into the picture. And let’s understand this with an example.

So, if somebody clicks on your affiliate link, they visited the website but just before making the purchase they actually visited somebody else’s link.

 Now, this is where the Affiliate policies of the product come into the picture. Most of the affiliate programs have last-click attribution Cookies in Affiliate Marketing. That means whichever the last affiliate link they clicked on before making the purchase the sale will be added to that particular person.

Now there are few affiliate programs that also have first click attributions. So in first click attribution if somebody visited the website by clicking your link, but they have made a purchase by clicking on somebody else’s link, You are the one who is going to get the commission. 

And that is how the cookie and first click and last click attribution helps. But if you are already part of a certain affiliate program, it’s a good practice that you go back and check their affiliate terms and conditions, and these basic questions. What is the cookie life of this particular affiliate program ? is ti first click or last click.

It’s a very vital piece of information that will help you in a longer period to make more money from your affiliate marketing. 

You can also clear the browsing data , if you don’t want to see them again going to the setting of your browser. Here is the screenshot from Chrome browser

Cookies in Affiliate Marketing

Nonetheless, the fundamentals of cookies also apply to other aspects of Digital Marketing such as email marketing. And you remember the first example I gave you about the e-mail pop up? Well that’s where the cookie also plays an important role.

So, I hope today you learned something new in this article. So, in my upcoming article also I will try to give more and more information on Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks that will surely help you in this Affiliate Marketing journey.

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