Cryptocurrency Could Prevent Hacking Of Autonomous Vehicles

The theory is that robots within a system would be able to detect when one of the robots has been hacked thanks to them being able to identify inconsistencies between the original content of the block and the altered (hacked) update. This could work because blocks in the chain contain basic information and a coded version thereof, as well a coded version of the previous block’s information, known as the “hash”. If the content of a block is maliciously altered, the hash changes, and that change alters the block’s connection with the rest of the chain. When this happens, the unaffected blocks become aware of it, so to speak, and will automatically disconnect from the affected block. Furthermore, this system could record all transactions, making it possible for the robots to evolve and become more aware of potential future attacks.

It’s a novel idea for a problem few have considered, but we’re glad that there’s already a potential solution.

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