Cybersecurity resources can help businesses and consumers

The pandemic has forced many people to conduct business from home. Unfortunately, this shift to remote work has also opened up opportunities for hackers. 

Cyberattacks have grown more than 400% since the pandemic started, and many of these hacks target small businesses. Small businesses are often targeted because many don’t have a fully-fledged IT department to protect themselves.

Kelvin Collins, president and CEO, Better Business Bureau serving the Fall Line Corridor.

As we have seen with the recent gas shortages, today’s cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated and pose more significant threats to the economy than ever before. New safeguards are needed to protect consumers and businesses.

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Cybersecurity is not only about adding layers of security technology. It starts with an understanding about managing cybersecurity risks. The Better Business Bureau has developed the Five-Step Approach to Better Business Cybersecurity to help businesses and consumers do just that.

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