Digital Names is Leading the Blockchain Internet and Digital Wallets

by Aratrika Dutta

July 22, 2021

Digital Names

Perfect knowledge of the problems and legacy solutions are required for forecasting financial trends and technological advancement in a given market.

There are huge gossips among the financial media giving aerated, blockbuster predictions to get people watching. It is something entirely different to predict accurately and to bet on it.

At the beginning of 2020, when it was drifting around $250 Billion, Thomas Carter publicly envisaged the increase of the total crypto market cap. This type of prediction wasn’t a thoughtless endeavor to get more people tuned in so the sponsors pay up. Instead, it was the result of an effective thought process that saw the problems faced by traditional markets and how crypto was going to be the solution to which people turned at the time.

The same predictive approach Carter has taken to the world of investment. By observing the traditional systems as inefficient and technologically motionless, Thomas established DealBox and put himself at the forefront of the smart securities revolution creating an advanced digital securities issuance and investment platform using a biddable token technology built on the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain protocol. DealBox provides users and investors an accurate and in-class approach to being first-in-line.

Thomas Carter now places his bets on something he sees as having more efficiencies than anything he’s been a part of in his last 30 years in FinTech which is the Digital Names. Digital Names have developed a technology to convert the 30–50-character complex wallet public key into a Human-Readable, Easy-to-Remember format. What Digital Names does for e-wallets sending or receiving any cryptocurrency is similar to what Domain Names did for the scale-up of websites on the internet in the 90s.

One can remove the problem of prolonged crypto keys that are impossible to remember and scary to use during high-value transactions and instead can just use type names like and reach the desired destination. Thomas Carter, the only person to correctly predict the trillion-dollar crypto market cap, says, “DigitalNames is in the top position to help drive widespread adoption for the blockchain internet and digital wallets and this is one of the most exciting investments opportunities we’ve ever seen”.

According to Carter, this industry will be larger than the Domain Name Service industry, which currently makes about $6 billion a year. The current success of Digital Names is because of their applications which are beyond cryptocurrency. It provides solutions to real problems not only to cryptocurrency users, but anyone using a digital wallet.

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