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How to find the Hottest Affiliates Offer | Top 5 pro tips

How to find the hottest Affiliates offers which are hot in the market right now and make your blog a cash cow?

You can pick those offers ,create a blog around those and ultimately start earning some money

Ok, let’s start 

Most of the newbie bloggers initially find it very difficult to find the right Affiliate offers to promote and I was one of them. 

Many of you may have thought, ok i have built the blogs but i could not find the right affiliate offers . This is the basic first question.

Finding the keywords and blog around those keywords may not get your success in Affiliate Marketing. You need to optimize those articles for SEO compatible. You need to hire the right content writer so that they can write awesome SEO optimized articles for your niche blogs. 

How to find the hottest Affiliates offers?

And the basic rules is Scratch your own back. 

Everybody has their own problems and to find those problem’s solution we search on google. Similarly Quora is one of the best tools to find your solutions. So it is one of the best ways to get ideas for your blog. 

Long tail pro is the web based software where you can find the keywords that are trending and volume of search.

Likewise AHREF tools are the best way to find the right offers (keywords) if you research on it.

But you know these all are the old methods to find the right offers for your affiliate journey. Many Affiliate gurus used to do these techniques to find their products but they do not recommend now.

So, what is the latest way to find the right affiliate offer keywords? 

Do you want to find Profitable campaigns which other affiliates are running?

Would you like to see the ads which successful shopify stores are running? Their ad copies, angles, products and exact landing pages?

Do you know what platform is running your competitors websites? It it Shopify, Woo Commerse, Click Funnels or Leadpages?

You need to find the hottest offers which are selling today. So here are the tools

Hottest Affiliates offer

PowerAdSpy by Mr. Sumit Ghosh

With this tool you can go to the Keyword section and type the keywords you want to research. E.g Weight lose. It is the best Facebook ads spy tool in the market today. 

It also helps Affiliates offer to promote products on Android or iOS platforms which are hot right now.

It can access databases over 6 million ads from 15 plus countries.

Before you know  you need to understand 

What is Native Ads: 

These are the hottest products right now in the market. People who run native ads are very aggressive guys. They can spend up to a million dollars a month. That means they do Native so aggressively people see these ads again and again. 

So, the question is when you see a Native ads again and again, what should be the next step?

If I see the native ads again and again I would rather go to Google and try to find what are websites ranking on google and what are the websites talking about their products.  

These are native ads. So if you click on these ads and you will find the affiliate offers. You can pick these offers and promote it.

Here is the tool for affiliates offer

Anstrex is a web based tool where you can spy on profitable Native ads. It helps to improve the Return of Investment (ROI) by unlocking the competitors strategy. Marketers of all kinds use Anstrex to uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers

So you can use Anstrex by putting the Keywords (e.g Green tea)  of your wish and see the latest ads running. Here the latest mean ads that are live within the last 7-8 days. You can see the advertisers who are putting money on the ads from last one week. Now finalize all of these particular ads, click on those ads, find which are the products  promoting and write an article or create a blog around these products.


 Once you find the right affiliate offer How to promote that?

Google ads, facebook ads, Native ads and content marketing. Now you know how to find ideas and write blog ,create awesome articles.

This is how you can finalize the main products then you can brainstorm to find the keywords around that keywords of that product you can write an article and then and ultimately start making the money.

 So, identify the basic problem for example. How to find keywords that are easy to rank, and in this problem you can write an article and promote SemRush products

What are the approaches for Content Marketing?

  1. Find good writers, 
  2. Find who are experts in their niche
  3. Trained them how write SEO optimized content
  4. Trained them how write article having personal experience

In Conclusion 

  1. Check the question answers website which is
  2. Spy the facebook ads using PowerAdSpy
  3. Spy Native Ads using Anstrex
  4. Find the topic around the products
  5. Create compelling content
  6. Start making money

The secret of success is to find people where they are going and be there first. And you can actually be there first by finding the right offers, by creating the blog around those offers and ultimately start making more money with your creative efforts.

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