Herbert Sim is Most Definitely a Cryptocurrency Scammer –

While I was going through my list of contacts on LinkedIn, never ever have I ever met someone so disingenuous, and an internet sneak at the same time. This character might just have the most phony cryptocurrency brand on earth, and yet for whatever reason he’s able to boast huge social media stats across his Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc.

He’s better known as a “promoter,” or a “pumper.” Thankfully, I was able to hoodwink this scammer into a long enough conversation to truly illustrate just how phony some of the biggest “gurus” in cryptocurrency really are. 

Figure 1. Herbert Sim hires ghost writers he doesn’t write his own blog posts

Source: LinkedIn Messenger

So, in the first message, Herbert Sim approaches me out of nowhere to write a ghost blog post for his “blog.” This is while I was looking for some smaller brand sponsors for Cho Research on LinkedIn. 

Under no circumstances was I expecting him to reveal that he was looking for a “Ghost Writer”

So, I wanted to entertain this individual (Herbert Sim) a little bit by putting together a draft that was pretty much completed. Review the final copy of the “ghost written” article this character rejected. It’s very obvious that Herbert Sim wasn’t going to pay for this article even if it met the requirements for his blog

This person has scammer tendencies, because as you can tell, as soon as you go and present the work, he changes the entire dialogue, as if the work wasn’t completed, so he doesn’t have to pay money while looking for ideas to poach.

Figure 2. Herbert Sim may walk away from work that was completed

Source: LinkedIn Messenger

So, the article we submitted to “Herbert Sim” was titled, Security Token Offerings: The Next Major Wave. The article was just published hours ago and quite frankly, anyone who can read the article can conclude that this isn’t “shitty work.”

It’s only shitty work to a shit coin promoter such as Herbert Sim.

We published here on our website, because it’s a very interesting topic to explore, and using our usual due diligence and style of writing we were able to uncover a number of trends tied to the STO space that could be insightful for anyone looking for a comprehensive report on the topic.

So, when we decided to go and publish the article for ourselves, and decided against working with Herbert Sim… The response I got was borderline hilarious. I wish I was making this up. 

Figure 3. Herbert Sim may threaten to sue you with lawyers if you’re willing to tell the truth about him…

Source: LinkedIn Messenger 

Herbert Sim likely has a habit of demanding work, and then later deciding not to pay whom money is owed. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have dealt with him only to not get paid, or to be misled, or threatened with lawsuits.

Figure 4. Herbert Sim has promoted shit coins in the past 

Source: LinkedIn Messenger

So, Herbert Sim seems to be talking from personal experience, as the projects that he’s promoted with his $1,200 tweets on Twitter have also been shitcoins in the past. It’s likely that Herbert Sim in the process of looking for sponsored tweets and overcharging for those tweets has also promoted illegal projects, scam coin projects, or what’s known as “shit coins.” 

Keep in mind, every publisher in the cryptocurrency space has promoted posts on their websites. However, what’s particularly surprising is the false impression of expertise that many of these cryptocurrency gurus give off. 

Not only have we uncovered someone that doesn’t publish their own posts, and leverages ghost written content. We were also able to discover that he’s very dishonest and doesn’t pay for content. Herbert Sim has also experienced reputational loss from promoting shit coins in the past. If you know the truth about Herbert Sim and publish about it, you’re likely to be met with legal threat letters as well. 

We have experience dealing with legal threats from both public companies and phony scammers such as Herbert Sim. Under no circumstance will we take down this post in compliance with whatever tortious legal argument his lawyer can come up with. We anticipate that this article only uncovers the truth, and whatever losses he experiences is due to his own poor character and misconduct in the cryptocurrency industry.

You have our word, we will expose the truth, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies and public companies. If we happen to uncover a scam, you’ll be the first to know.

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