How to do long tail keyword research

How to do long tail keyword research? Why keyword research is important in Affiliate Marketing 2020?

Long Tail Keyword research is one of the important parts of Affiliate Marketing. In today’s time, most bloggers have come to know how Google Searches work. 

Let’s start with the basics

We all know the fact that “Keywords” are the most important in Google Search. If you are a blogger and an Affiliate Marketer, then you must know that visitors or users do not use a single keyword for any query they search on google, rather they use about three, four or more keywords, when they search for something. 

This is why we need to do Keyword Research

What is keyword research?

Internet marketers, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and bloggers understand this concept of How Google search engines work, so they always try to search for long tail keywords to use in their websites or Blogs. 

By doing Long Tail Keyword Research, they get the right audience/visitors/traffics  for their websites or blogs. Therefore, if you want to get the right traffic, then you must use long tail keywords in your blog or website pages. It has a huge potential and works very well for all bloggers.

The keyword research process

Google Search engines or any other search engines are very vicious and clever in this case, they store those long tail keywords that these websites use in their databases. In such a situation, when a visitor searches for those specific keywords, then the search engine shows them all these websites that match with their keywords.

Keyword research and analysis

It is important to do thorough keyword research and analyze the report. Based on our research we can write articles around those keywords. 

Keyword research tool for seo

Apart from this, long tail keywords are quite easy to get ranked, because there are less searches in it which reduces their competition compared to others. It is never easy for a new Blogger to be able to compete with other big authority sites in Short Keyword. Because it may take them a long time to get their site ranked in Google

Long tail keywords meaning

Long tail keywords are keywords in which three or more words are used. These Long Tail keywords are very specific. That is, if Biryani is a short tail keyword, then Biryani Kaise Banate Hai, Chicken Biryani Ghar Par Kaise Banaye, etc. are all LongTail keywords.

Long tail keywords example

For example, if a user wants to buy shoes then he will not search only “shoes” in his search query. This is because by doing this, he is going to get such search results that will not be of any use for him. Rather he can search, Red Nike Mens shoes, Red nike mens running shoes etc. Which is going to be of his use. 

These keywords are also known as buying keywords. Because the user is ready to buy the Red Nike Mens Running shoes. Also Google search can give appropriate results for these Search terms.

By searching four to five keywords, the search engine will provide them sites that will be useful for them.

Long tail keywords finder

Customers of these keywords use them only when they know what they want or want to buy. In most cases, these specific searches are actually the most converted to sales, if the website offers exactly what a customer wants. LongTail Keywords always target the right audience.

Also long tail keywords get more traffic than short tail keywords. Long Tail keywords always have lesser search volume  compared to short tail keywords. But that does not mean that conversion rate will decrease, rather it increases.

The Following pic will clear your concepts and doubts.

For example Amazon, the biggest online retail shop, converts their 57% sales through Long tail Keywords only. And those which are commercial intent are convert well for Amazon Affiliate Marketers. 

Many bloggers do keyword research for amazon to get more profit with their amazon affiliate blog.

Best long tail keyword research tools (free)

There are lots of paid Long tail keywords research tools are available in the market but the best FREE research tools are

Ubersuggest (keyword research tool by Neil Patel)

Neil Patel is an expert in Digital Marketing for many years. He and his team developed  a software called Ubersuggest , which helps you generate  keywords ideas for your content marketing. The best part is it is a FREE tool. So blogger like us can use this amazing tool and can generate huge revenue from his/her blog

How to do long tail keyword research

keyword research with google Adwords

According to Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool, it’s a heavily searched term. Entrepreneur and Investopedia clearly saw value in the query.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

 keyword research with semrush

SEMrush is recognized as the best SEO suite according to US Search Awards 2019, MENA Search Awards 2019 and SEMY Awards 2019. It is also the best digital tool according to Interactive Marketing Awards 2019.

How to do long tail keyword research - SEMRUSH

Now that you have come to know very well what are these long tail keywords, the question now comes how to find them. Because no Hindi Keyword Planner is available at the present time, for Hindi Bloggers, only Paid Option is available.

How to do long tail keyword research- Hindime

Therefore, this “Longtail Keyword Generator” presented by can be useful for you if you are really looking for the right keywords. All you have to do is enter your keywords on the search bar and choose the option of Basic or Advanced below. A lot of relevant keywords are present in front of you as you search Search. Which you can also export if you want.

what is ahref

Ahrefs is a popular SEO software suite that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. 

The features inside of Ahrefs are mostly designed for marketing professionals, Digital marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers. In short: Ahrefs is an  amazing SEO tool that people use to get higher Google rankings.

How to do long tail keyword research - Ahref

keyword research tool for youtube

Keyword Tool is #1 (FREE) alternative to Google Ads Keyword Planner for SEO & PPC keyword research that  Generates 1000s  long-tail keywords in seconds!

If you are looking for YouTube keyword research tool for your own video SEO, Keyword Tool will be very useful to you. The algorithm that ranks YouTube videos takes a variety of factors into consideration when ranking videos for a particular search query.

keyword research for blog

Now that you have a treasure trove of keywords in front of you, then what is the delay, you can generate many ideas by looking at these keywords. This “Keyword Research Tool” is going to be really very handy for all of you, no matter why you are doing any online work. In this, you can search English keywords along with Hindi very easily.

By using these, you can rank your Blogs and Videos above in Google Search Results. Remember that to be successful in Blogging, you must use Long Tail Keywords.

Hopefully you will like our tool very much, if you have learned to use it correctly then you can easily start your online earning. And all the good things are absolutely free to use it. Then let’s start our Keyword Research.


There is no such hard and fast rule for keyword research strategy or guides. I know, It is a dream of every blogger that How to rank number one in Google? (including me).

You may ask this question: How can I rank at number one in Google for every blog post I publish? 

I would give a straight forward reply to this question – it’s not possible at all. Even the big player in the field of Blogging is struggling to rank number 1.

It’s not possible that the very first blog you write starts ranking at number one in Google.

If this was so easy and so obvious, everyone in the world would start ranking at number one and become a billionaire.

But the question is still unanswered – How to rank at number one in Google?

The answer is – practice, practice, and practice.

Here are a few strategies for keyword research. 

1. Know what keywords you already rank for.

2. Scout your competitors.

3. Pay attention to Google.

4. Think like a customer.

5. Use a thesaurus.

You have to practice how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), learn how to do the keyword research, learn how to write an amazing article, how to do on-page SEO, and how to make backlinks.

If you start a blog today and learn everything, it would still take 8-10 months to rank number one in Google. So always have patience. And we all know that patience is virtue.

It all depends on how good you are in learning, implementing the learning and improving.

The faster you do it, the faster you are going to see some success. Thank you.

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