How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 7 days? A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

So you know what is an Affiliate Marketing is. If you don’t, read my article here. Now let’s start how we can start Affiliate Marketing.

But wait. Are you eligible?

Yes, of course, you don’t need to crack any exam for that. 😉 

But I am a Physics Teacher, can I do affiliate marketing?

It does not matter, in which profession you are. If you are a Teacher, a Doctor, a lawyer, a housewife, an Academic counselor, a Project Manager, a Govt service employee, a Banker, etc. Really it does not matter as long as you are willing to create your own creativity and love writing.

Wait, Writing?

Yes, you heard it right.

You need to write a lot. Good content always sells well.

But how to write good content?

If you love your subject of expertise you can. Yes, you can.  

Read my article on How to write very good content for your affiliate marketing

Let me ask you a question, Can you speak on a topic for half an hour you love it very much.

If the answer is YES, you can write it too. If the answer is NO, hire a person, who can work for you. Simple.

Do you need any technical knowledge for Affiliate Marketing?

No, you don’t need to be a Computer scientist. It’s not rocket science. But, yes a little bit of basic jargon of computer you need to understand.

Hey. Don’t worry, I am here to help you. 

But the big question is Why would someone read my content?

Think in different angel. Look, your passion could be helpful to others. If you can provide valuable information on your passion that may help someone who is looking for on the web.

Hmm. got it.

So what are the basic steps?

Affiliate marketing basic steps

  1. You need a blog
  2. A hosting
  3. WordPress
  4. Plugins
  5. Contents

And you are good to go.

Step 1: What is a Blog?

A blog is nothing but a Weblogs. It’s just like your daily diary. The same way you write your day to day work in a diary, you write it on your own blog. 

The only difference is that in your daily diary is a physical book where only you can write and read (until someone steals it to read 😉 ) it offline, and a blog is an online diary where people of similar passion will read and appreciate your writing skills.

So what you need to start a blog for your Affiliate Marketing?

The answer is a domain name.

What is a Domain name now?

A domain name is the address of your blog where people of like-minded will visit and read your articles on the internet. It could be your name also or catchy name you like the most.

But make it simple and easy to remember

For more ideas, you can visit  Lean Domain Search and find your domain which is available currently.

The thump rule is, The more simple and easy to remember the more popular it will be. 

Did you finalize your domain name?

Now Book it before it buys by someone.  Here you can purchase your first domain name [link: ]

Voila, you are a proud blogger like us.

Step 2: What is Hosting?

Hosting is where your domain will stay forever. Meaning that, whatever content you write, whatever images you upload, whatever videos etc all will be there in a server, and by using your domain name one can access it in his or her PC, Laptop, or mobile.

 Hosting is as important as a domain name for your affiliate marketing.   Think about it like this. You purchased an apartment or rented a home for your family or business. So the postal address of your home or business is the domain name and the house itself is the hosting. 

Owning a personal house is very costly so we do rent. Similarly owning a personal server will be too costly, because of the maintenance. We take rent on a yearly basis to avoid the extra cost burden.

There are lots of hosting available on the internet. Some are costly and some are moderate and few are very cheap.

We recommend you to host on Siteground from where you have purchased the domain name. Here is the link

Choose a Hosting Plan

SiteGround has three plans and everyone can sign for any of them with a great discount through your affiliate marketing link. It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan to your audience:

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that is starting now.
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves website speed.
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like more server resources and GIT integration.
Affiliate Marketing

Choose a Domain Name 

Review and Complete the Order

Step 3: Install WordPress

Now the most fantastic part after hosting is the installation of WordPress. 

So what is WordPress and why you should choose this?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) among the blogger for the affiliate marketing. If you do a survey 80% will say they are using WordPress for their blog.

Why WordPress isn’t there any other CMS available?

Yes, there are many CMS available in the market. Like Wix, Drupal, etc

But, WordPress is the King of CMS, because the user interface is very easy to understand moreover WordPress is very easy to customize as per your need. A 15 years old boy can be master on it if you study well.

The Theme which i recommend is the Generate Press

 Step 4: What is WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are something like small software to do a very specific task for your blog. Like plugins name 

  1. Rank Math will guide you on how to write good content with Search Engine Optimized (SEO), 
  2. Elementor pro will help to design your website in a professional way
  3. Pretty Link will help to shorten your URL and manage affiliate links
  4. Contact Form 7 will help you collect contact details for your prospect
  5. Easy Table of Contents
  6. Really Simple SSL
  7. Table Press
  8. W3 Total cache
  9. AAWP best plugin for affiliate marketing
  10. Shortcodes Ultimate
  11. Site kit by Google
  12. ConvertKit for lead generation

You can install these plugins by going to the Dashboard of your WordPress. In your left sidebar, you will see Plugins. Under Plugins, you will see “Add new” click on it.

Search the plugins, install it, and then activate it. DONE

Step 5: Content How to write it

Well, you have set up all the basic needs for running your first blog. Now it’s time to write the first post for your affiliate marketing.

But how?

Content is the most important part of any blog or affiliate marketing, YouTuber, or influencer. Contents play a very vital role in ranking your blog on Google search. You know, whatever marketing tools you use to market your blog if you don’t have great content you won’t succeed.

So, What are type of quality content you can find on the internet?

  1. Auto Plugin software: It’s copied contents from other blogs using a software plugin known as WP Robot, WP Automatic, Article spinner, etc. Just simply do not use this. It’s absolutely useless
  2. Ideas from other blogs: Some blogger uses this technique to take ideas from different blogs around the same topic and write a unique article. But they did not check how authentic the blogs from where they get inspired. Please avoid them.
  3. Engagement content: This type of content is good but similar types of articles. Your readers may get bored soon if they don’t get any engagement and relate with your articles
  4. Research content: These types of contents need heavy research and hard work to write. It’s better than the most. More engaging and feels interested by your readers.
  5.  Content from your heart: Yes, these types of contents are the best content for your blog and most useful. Write your own experience and ideas. It should come directly from your heart. The only objective is that whoever reads your articles will satisfy 100 %. 

This category of content will be the future of blogging and affiliate marketing.  Meaning your content should reflect your expertise and more useful, engaging, and valuable.

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