Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Me (Craig Campbell)

Craig Campbell

I am Craig Campbell, a SEO expert based in Glasgow. I have worked with big and small enterprises for the last 18 years. This has enabled me to cultivate intensive skills, knowledge, and experiences in SEO. One of my greatest undertakings has been to train individuals and agencies on digital marketing. I have handled simple and complex matters throughout my years of practice. Every working moment has been an excellent opportunity to hone and better my skills.

I was born in Glasgow and schooled in the Shawlands Academy. My journey into SEO started as a hobby, where I developed a great interest in the field. I began to learn anything I found about SEO. A few years later, I couldn’t help but quit my job to do SEO for other people because this gave me fulfillment. But the demotivation of working from home triggered me to find an office where I could start a digital agency. I started with a few employees to do digital marketing content for the local businesses.

After a few years of success with the local clients, I quickly integrated with the national and the international clients

After a few years of success with the local clients, I quickly integrated with the national and the international clients. As I worked, I never stopped to learn. I wasn’t good at delegating duties because I wanted to first get the business to the point I desired. However, this was stressful and hindered me from utilizing the full business potential due to high levels of stress build-up. But I changed and started to work on the business through delegation and creating processes for my teams. I also decided to venture into affiliate marketing. I cut down the number of customers because the numbers were draining, and I did not want to compromise our service quality. Surprisingly, this, too, came with massive successes.

Throughout my career, I have had a chance to talk in big and small events. I have been fortunate to speak in the following events:

  • Brighton SEO
  • Affiliate World Europe
  • Chiang Mai SEO
  • NFC Rockstars
  • Search Leeds
  • The Indian SEMRush Conference

I have more than 50K YouTube Subscribers and good followership on other social media platforms. I started my YouTube channels in 2020 following the COVID 19 lockdown, where I began to produce a lot of video content for my audience. You will find me on different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, IMDB, and Tik Tok

If you’re interested in looking at my business or personal profile, you can find me on Crunchbase. I have featured various press articles. Some of these articles include Digit FYI, Business Insider, Forbes India, The California Herald, and The Scotsman. I have also made a few publications on Amazon.

Today, I use my extensive experience and SEO skills to speak at events and conferences to talk to people worldwide. But I have not stopped learning. When speaking at conferences and events, I share tips and advice on the best way to do SEO. My engagement with experts at the conferences has helped me acquire additional skills, making my career fun all along. I pursue my SEO career with passion. I hope to soar to greater heights in service delivery in 2021 as I also enhance my brand.

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