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10 most profitable online business ideas that will help you make money online from home during the lockdown.

Today, I am going to reveal 10 most profitable online business ideas that will help you make money online from home during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

People are much more concerned about their financial situation due to this pandemic. Many Private Companies are cutting down 50% salaries to their employees to take over this situation.

So, more people are looking for new ways to earn money online with the help of the internet to increase their earning inflows.

To make the full utilization of these periods , there are many Growth Ideas during lockdown we should consider. Such as 

First, Develop a New Habit  second,  Get yourselves busy doing some activities and  the last but not the least be  Productive & Positive

We should also avoid 

  1. Watching dumb shit like TV News, Youtube and Web series
  2. Scrolling Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc
  3. Negativity
  4. Downloading other people’s success in our mind
  5. Losing your ability to think like yourself

So, here are those proven ideas that will help

Make Money Online by

1. Online Teaching:

If you are from an Arts  or Science background and consider yourself that you are not going to handle such a technical. Don’t panic. I saw many people didn’t even try because they think that anything related to technology scares them.

Here is your chance to teach your teaching skills to others. 

If you are a Musician, Painter, a Language Expert, a coder, an Academic tutoring this is the platform where you can show your talent.

With Takelesson  you can teach what you love to do. There are hundreds of subjects to choose, from Hindi to American Sign language, from Piano to Drawing anything. The possibilities are endless.

Similar websites


2. Blogging

Starting a Blog in 2020 is the most viable and profitable online business these days. The reason if you see the trends in google what the world is searching you will have goosebump to see  this

Make money online - Google trends

You won’t believe in your eyes that people are searching blogging more than Govt Job. 

For those who are wondering if 2020 is too late to start a Blog:

Only 34% of the total people in India (44.88 Crore) people in India are on the Internet right now, compared to 56% of China.

What does this mean?

Opportunity. By 2025, more than 50% (66+ crore) people will be using the Internet in India.

Imagine the opportunities for you to get your blog in front of people and make money online.

The point: the Digital Revolution in India has only started. This lockdown has forced more people to come to the Internet. And once you get addicted to the internet, you won’t leave it.

So the earning opportunities and the wave of opportunities have just started to rise. Those who think it’s too late to start a blog, are too wrong to think so 

My question: are you still thinking about starting a blog or already working on it?

 The investment is minimum if you start your blog today. You can start as minimum as $30 only with Siteground hosting and Elementor plugin which is equal to your one day restaurant bill of 4 people.

3. Affiliate Marketing

As i already discussed in my previous article on What is an Affiliate Marketing and how can you earn $1000 per month and How to start Affiliate Marketing in 7 days . If you have not read these two articles, Never mind. 

Please read it first, here I have discussed the importance of Affiliate marketing and why we need to do it in 2020. 

Affiliate marketing is when we recommend someone else’s products with our innovative approach and that someone gives commission for every sales we do with our effort is called Affiliate Marketing.   

It is one of the awesome business models that is happening world wide. A few statistics

  • 80% plus of most popular Brands Have joined themself in Affiliate Programs 
  • Through Social Media Reference around 71% of The People Like to Buy Products via it.
  • 15% of All Digital Media Revenue is Covering Affiliate Marketing 
  • 81% of Online Products e.g softwares are Rely on Affiliate Programs 
  • Fashion Products are now the Most Popular Affiliate Products

If a 15 years old boy Umer can earn 6 figures per month doing Affiliate Marketing why can’t we. 

Neil Patel, Kulwant Nagi, Harsh Agrawal, Ankur Aggarwal Digital Deepak the list never ends. These are the legends in Affiliate Marketing and the potential of earning is huge.

You can earn more than $53,000 in a month  that is the power of affiliate marketing.

4. Be a Youtuber

Youtube is a product of Google and it is the latest buzz in the market. In this lockdown period many people started their youtube channels. Reason is simple, YouTube pays a lot to their content creators. 

If you are an expert in your niche you can start your YouTube channel for FREE and monetize it and make it a cash cow.

To be a popular Youtuber you must be interested in your niche and you can make a profit out of it. Don’t go for best niches. Teach unique skills on Youtube & build an audience and then Sell your own products in the future.

A profitable niche is when we combine your interests and which has profit in it. 

Here are a few topics you can start your YouTube channel.

Online business ideas

  • News Channel Topic Ideas

News is produced everyday whether it is political, sports, technology, science etc and most importantly there are segments of readers that consume everyday. You can choose your micro niches on News topics and start working on it. 

  •  Study Channel / Education Channel Ideas

Education is the single most important tool that shapes mankind. Creating an Education related YouTube channel will always be profitable. There are students from LKG to Phd level. You can choose the topic you are expert in and select the class who you want to educate through your channel and work on it.

You can also get some references from youtube itself. How they are working on it.  

  •  Book Summary 

People who love to read books can start their Youtube channel on Book Summary. Where a YouTuber can give a summary on the books he/she reads and refer to that book from Amazon affiliate program.

  •  Cooking training

Everybody  loves to eat food and love to cook. But due to lack of knowledge they could not. In this lockdown you can start a cooking channel where you can show your audience how to cook traditional recipes and cuisine with limited resources. Similar website ChaitalisKitchen

  • Meeting and Interview

Taking interviews with other people needs very skill and knowledge. If you have both you can take interviews of people in your field and provide values to the audience. 

You can cover Motivational speakers, Bloggers and other inspirational people who have achieved significant milestones in their life. This way you can provide valuable information on their life story and earn money online out of that.

  •  Tutorial about Online Works

You can also provide valuable knowledge on your online works like how you are building your website, or blog. Create content on coding if you know and how you are implementing etc. 

  •  Animated Stories

Most people love to listen and watch stories. If you have knowledge on graphics design you can make a team and create innovative virtual characters and make animated stories. Language is no bar. You can create any language you like just remember google approves that language for AdSense or not. 

  •  Gardening

Who does not love to do gardening on their balcony or on the roof?  But lake of knowledge they could not carry on. You can take this as an opportunity and work on it. Create the content on how to do gardening, tips, and tricks, how to manage them, etc and make money online. 

  •  Agriculture

Similar to gardening you can also create a YouTube channel on agriculture topics. Where you can give unique content on how to do farming within a small field of land and produce maximum crops. 

You can also introduce the latest technology on agriculture for that you need to study how other countries are doing it. 

  •  Indoor Agriculture

The interests of Indoor Agriculture are growing day by day in urban areas. In Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and other metros people get less space to grow crops but if you provide a solution on your channel on  How to grow crops in very small and tiny tubs, they would love to watch your content.  

  •  Parenting

Parenting is a very good niche for pediatric doctors, parents and for mothers who have kids. Here you can enlighten on the information on how you can grow your kids properly, what are the things you need for kids paly, how you can avoid bad habits of any kids etc  and make money online.

  •  Home Appliances Repairing

Today, if there is any issue with my vacuum cleaner I first search on youtube for a solution. If you know how to fix home Appliances you have the potential to open a YouTube channel too. Most of the household family have many appliances like TV, Fridge, Water cooler , vacuum cleaner, AC etc and they need repairing on a periodic basis. You can take this space and create innovative ways to fix it step by step in your video, people will love to watch it. 

  •   Car review and Repairing

Every car comes with different parts and a car itself has many things to explore. People love their cars as a part of family members. So, repairing videos on cars will be a great choice for those who have trained mechanics. 

How to keep your car clean? How to wash? How to park during lockdown etc many tips and tricks you can suggest on your video.

You can also review new cars , compare their features and upcoming cars in your channel to boost your audience. 

  •  Bike Repairing

Similar to cars, Bike repairing youtube channels have also become popular these days. Bike comes with very small parts and repairing them with your innovative way will definitely blow someone’s mind. 

  •  Pets

Keeping a pet in house has become a norm these days. Many people love their pets and play with them. Kids are fond of pets like dogs, cats and birds. You can create a Youtube channel on this topic and show them how to take care of your pets. A vet can easily open such channels and make money online.

You can make quality content around these topics on YouTube. These topics are evergreen meaning you can make content around it for a long time and earn money online. 

The earning potential is limitless if you continue producing good quality content and provide value to your viewers. Youtuber like Satish kushwaha, Kavita, MKBHD, 

5. Online Trainer

Online training has become huge demand after the lockdown. People can’t go to their Gym, yoga or Karate classes. You can Bring people together with your effort. Online learning industry is more than 107 billion. So, there is a huge scope  and potential in it.

You know your audience and target them, keep them in One to one mentorship using apps like Zoom, Jio Meet, Google Meet, Cisco webex etc you can give training to your student online and keep your existing offline business alive during this pandemic situation.

If you’re  a Gym owner alternately you can Rent gym equipment to people who want to work from home

6. Sell your Digital Products

If you love to write books you can sell them online as an ebook on Amazon kindle or Google books.  If you are a software developer the opportunity is huge. Create android apps or ios, design a website, People sell downloadable Music, Informative Products like e-health, cooking, Recorded Webinars, and many more, and such products are downloadable.

This is the easiest and quickest way to make money online. For selling these type of  digital products, You need to choose the right eCommerce store, or you may build your own website. 

7. Freelancing job

When you are skilled you can do freelancing jobs for others sitting at home where you need a good computer with adequate software to start your freelancing job. Here you need to register on various freelancing job portals like,,, create a powerful portfolio and showcase your talent.

You could be Good content writer, a logo designer, creative artists ,Android Developer, Bookkeeper, Content Writer, Copywriter, Customer Service, Representative, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Facebook Developer, Front-End Developer, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Information Security Analyst, iOS Developer, Java Developer, JavaScript Developer, Logo Designer

Mobile App Developer, PHP Developer, Python Developer, Resume Writer

Sales Consultant, SEO Expert, Social Media Manager, Software Developer

Software Engineer, Technical Writer, UI Designer, UX Designer

Virtual Assistant, Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Writer the list never ends here.

Freelancing is not only limited to writing only, but it can be anything in which you are an expert. 

make money online

8. Online Consulting

Consulting is engaged in any business of providing an expert opinion or advice to people working in a professional or technical field and help implementing more know how to grow their business. 

So, if you are expert in your field and have enough knowledge on your niche you can provide this professional service to other and for that you get paid a very handsome amount.

Consultancy could be anything like Digital consultancy, IT Consultancy , Project consultancy, change management, operation management, Education related , career consultancy, etc.

Here are some of the top consulting businesses rapidly growing in this pandemic:

  • Insurance consultancy
  • Investment adviser
  • Chartered Accounting consultant
  • Income Tax consultant
  • Digital Marketing consultant
  • Small Business or big enterprise
  • Career Counseling like JEE, NEET, 10+2
  • News Editorial Services
  • Professional Business Writing
  • Yoga or Fitness Consultant  
  • Healthy Food Consultant 

The bottom line is you need to be a professional problem solver , expert and provide knowledge based on your past experience. 

You can use the following software to schedule your time for your client.


9. Complete Surveys and Earn Cash 

How awesome it would be if we take surveys online for that getting paid.  Sounds too good to be true. Yes, with ySense, it is possible. Even if you are busy in this lockdown and could use a little extra cash fast, ySense might be the perfect solution for you. You can earn FREE cash online and make some extra money with Ysense

So What is ysense? ySense (earlier it was ClixSense) is a Paid to click (PTC) online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Earning money in dollars from the comfort of your home and answering a few surveys is simple and it is absolutely free with ySense. You can join Ysense here.

You will have multiple options to earn online with ysense.

  • Paid surveys
  •  Cash offers
  • Figure eight tasks

Similar to Ysense there are many PTC sites from where you can earn a lot sitting at home. Swagbucks is one of them. It’s the most popular and trusted Paid to click sites. To join click here 

You can easily make money online from $100 to $1000 per month using these PTC sites from your home.

10. Bring Grocery Business Online

It seems very small but it is a very lucrative business model especially in this Lockdown situation and even if the lockdown is over. There are many small Grocery shops in your locality and ask them whether they are interested in doing business online. Show them how they can earn more profit while doing it online. Help them get their daily transaction online through Gpay or UPI. Create a whatsapp group for them and order online from home. 


You may feel bored doing eight hours of  work from 10am to 6 pm and may be stuck yourself in this circle. But this 3 months lockdown period has taught one thing that time is available to everybody, and it can be utilized in a more productive way.  Passive earning is a dream of many people but they dare to do it fearing that online job is not their cup of tea. 

You no need to be a highly qualified University Degree holder to earn, if you have little knowledge of computers and the internet, you can earn a hell lot of money from online sitting at home.

Your passion and hobbies can be monetized if you have learned to understand the trends and go with them. Nothing is impossible in the world of the internet. A little curiosity is enough to ignite your skills into a money machine.

I hope you have understood what I am trying to convey. Please subscribe to my  blog so that I can bring more interesting topics on this. Your support always boost me, work hard and hard and bring value to your life. 

See ya 

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