make money online using wp coupons

How to make money online with WP Coupons in 2020

Most of the Affiliate Marketers, bloggers, and Digital marketers make money online with WP Coupons and Deals and it is their one of the biggest income source. But the problem they won’t reveal this secret to all. What if I tell you with proof that, Yes they are earning a lot with Coupons.


Everybody loves discount coupons and deals when purchasing new products or services online. But the lack of information and guidance they can’t get the right discount coupons when needed may result in purchasing the same product in the loss. Moreover, with coupons, you can increase the conversation with ease and provides value to your customers.

Today, I am going to discuss a wonderful WordPress Plugin WP Coupons which you can install in your WordPress website or affiliate blog to increase your sales.

It is a must-have plugin for every Affiliate Marketers. There are lots of awesome styling options in WP Coupons which you can match with the colour of your blog/website and blend it nicely using the easy to make shortcodes. Also, the default setting of this plugin is awesome and all you just need to do is add in your content.

Make money online with WP Coupons

So, what is WP coupons plugin? and How it works?

Let’s understand.

WP Coupons is an affiliate marketing coupon plugin for WordPress only, created by two brothers viz Brian Jackson and Brett Jackson with the intention of generating more conversions and provides values in the blogger’s community.

It is the #1 coupon plugin for WordPress. The duo brothers developed this plugin specifically to help bloggers take a creative approach to promote their products or services and at the same time increase their CTR and conversions on the go.

Make money online with WP Coupons
Make Money online with WP Coupons

Features of WP Coupons

There are lots of other coupons plugins available in the market but the attention to detail and polish that this plugin has is mind blowing. WP Coupons becomes one of the favorite tools for many bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Here are some of the awesome features of the WP Coupons plugin

Awesome Styles

WP Coupons has a Minimal and easy to use dashboard with one-click toggles and style options which liked the most. You can also Change fonts, colors, spacing, and many more just explore the beautiful styling.

Using Widgets and shortcodes

WP Coupons has Built-in widgets, templates, and shortcodes that allow you to place your coupons anywhere on your website or blog. You just need to create the coupons and the shortcodes generate automatically.

Very Lightweight

Website performance is a very serious issue. If your website performance is slow due to plugins it may hamper your conversions. WP Coupons has Clean code, no bloat, and lightweight at under 5 KB. No JavaScript on the front-end so it is super fast and your audience will love it.

It Works on all devices and themes

The beauty of WP Coupons is that it scales beautifully across desktops and mobile. It is coded in such a way that the plugin works with all themes and page builders perfectly.

Great Support

Without any doubt, the WP Coupons team has a great supporting team with no outsourcing. You get fast support straight from the developers of the plugin. The team has over 19 years of experience working with WordPress.

Cool Coupon features

WP Coupons has very cool options you need: you can Click to reveal, copy to clipboard, expiration dates, and different link attributes. Moreover, with attractive styles, it looks great on the website.

How to set up the WP coupons

You can get the WP Coupons from the site. The plan is attractive and easy to install.

WP Coupons price

How to Add a Coupon

To add a new WordPress coupon click into “Coupons” in your dashboard and click on “Add New.” You can then enter in your coupon details.

wordpress add new coupon

Also don’t forget to setup your coupon types.

How to enter the Coupon Details

You can enter the information for each coupon within each coupon post type. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

In your WordPress dashboard click into “Coupons” and click edit on one of your coupons.

coupons post type

Step 2

Within the post there is a WP Coupons Details field in which you can enter all the details that display on the coupon itself. We added a feature called “Direct Link” in which the link will go directly to your Discount URL. For some coupons you might want to send them directly to the discount, and in other circumstances you might want to send them to your coupon page for more details. You can enable or disable this per coupon.

wp coupons details

How to Add a Coupon Type

To add a new WordPress coupon type, click into “Coupons” in your dashboard and click on “Types”

wordpress coupon types

You can then enter in new coupon types. These also function as your categories and the filters on your coupon archive pages.

add new coupon type

How to update WP Coupons

Since 2016 the WP Coupons changed a lot. During these 4 years it has evolved and added more features. The latest version of Wp Coupons plugin is Version 1.7.3 – 09.09.2020. You can also view the details change log here

Review of WP Coupons

Whoever used the WP Coupons never ever regret. As I told you earlier that it is one of the best WordPress plugin for Coupons and Deals. Here are some of the reviews

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