Non-profit hopes new donors will give with cryptocurrency option

A Fort Wayne charity is venturing into the next generation of giving, hoping the new way to donate will appeal to a younger demographic.

Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House, relies on donations from the community to keep its mission going.

“We provide a home away from home for families when their children, babies, are in the hospital,” Executive Director Melissa Dessaigne said. “It’s for them to be close to their little ones and get the rest and support they need. We have to take care of the house. It’s everything you would have in the upkeep of your own house times ten rooms.”

Now, the non-profit has a new way for people to give their support.

“We’re looking for new possibilities and new donors so I started hearing about different non-profits globally and in the U.S. that were using cryptocurrency as a way to increase their revenue,” Dessaigne said.

A new donation page on its website is now accepting cryptocurrency. That’s a digital currency that’s not backed by the U.S. government, so you don’t need to go through a bank to exchange it. and it’s exploding around the world.

“There are 100 million plus users globally and it’s expected to double. Right now 94% of the users are between ages 18 and 40 years old,” Dessaigne said.

The Children’s Hope House is hoping crypto will open the door to a new generation of donors.

“There’s a lot of money being made in the crypto space and there’s a lot of generosity that exists in that space and it really provides the opportunity for the donor to reduce the tax liability for any gains that they made and allows the charity to receive the full amount of the donation,” she said.

Watch this video to see how to donate using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can be volatile, gaining or losing value quickly. That’s why as soon as a crypto donation is made, it is converted to dollars immediately.

“As far as we know, we’re the first [non-profit] in the region [to use crypto], but we do think it’s a great opportunity for others to get into the space and increase the possibility of doing great in our community. We’re so excited to see what this brings because you can donate from anywhere around the world,” Dessaigne said.

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