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The Project Management Office (PMO) is a leader in establishing and implementing project management best practices that promotes effective and successful project outcomes, increases efficiencies, and ensures the successful delivery of projects that support State of Maine policy and program objectives.

The PMO’s mission is to maximize the value of State initiatives in the public interest through the successful implementation and management of best project management practices.

The PMO provides guidance throughout a project or initiative’s lifecycle and through all phases of completion, including:

    • Discovery: What must the project deliver to meet policy and program objectives?
    • Alignment: How do we maximize the value of project outcomes for the agency and wider State Government imperatives?
    • Selection: Determination of the best products, services, approaches and models to increase the long-term sustainability of solutions and services?
    • Implementation: How to we apply government best practices to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for successful outcomes?

How the Project Management Office supports customers: 

  • Defining the needs or vision for project outcomes supported by policy and program imperatives
  • Facilitate definition of goals & objectives supported by evidence and measures
  • Project health assessments that assure conditions remain positive for successful outcomes
  • Business process definition and assessments that support smooth organizations change
  • Expert project resourcing recommendations, recruitment, and assignment
  • Project executive oversight, and independent validation and verification
  • Transformation Management supports agencies adaption to change and adoption of new processes, tools and structures
  • Meets your team where they are. No matter where you are in your project, we can help improve your outcomes

How to get started

Email [email protected] and we will contact you to answer questions, begin discovery or discuss the issue you are facing. 

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