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A resource for Principal Investigators.

What is a project manager?

In general terms, a project manager (PM) is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the completion of a specific project while ensuring the project is completed on time, within budget and within scope. In the context of Sponsored Projects at the University, the PM will support the Principal Investigator (PI) in their research efforts by administering the many logistical aspects of the award to assist with timeline or budget amendments, adherence to deadlines, progress reports, etc.

What can a project manager do for you?

  • Manage subrecipient communications
  • Organize and manage meeting schedules
  • General issue and question research/resolution
  • Milestone tracking/amendments
  • Budget tracking/amendments
  • Progress reporting to sponsor
  • Resource planning

A project manager is not:

  • A member of the research team
  • The Principal Investigator
  • An administrative assistant

What to expect when a project manager is assigned to your award

First meeting: An introduction between the PI(s) and the project manager. 30 minutes.

Second meeting: A deep dive into the specifics of the award, pain points and questions. The project manager will have reviewed the award documents prior to this meeting (proposal, budget, progress reports, etc.) and will verify basic information such as key stakeholders, reporting requirements and timelines in this meeting. One hour.

Ongoing Support: Regular meetings will be scheduled for the duration of the award. The cadence and participants of these meetings will be determined by the needs of the project. The purpose of these ongoing meetings will be to check-in with the core team on the progress of deliverables and tasks, discuss any amendment needs, answer questions, assign action items and review upcoming deadlines.

How to request project management support for your award

The Associate Vice President for Research Administration, Charlene Hart, will review your request and let you know if project management resources are available for your award. Email [email protected] to request services.


Please contact Erica Hall, Project Manager, Sponsored Projects.

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