Pulkit Trivedi: A man of actions in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Pulkit Trivedi: A man of actions in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Pulkit Trivedi needs no introduction in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. His name is bigger enough to motivate people to work harder and be disciplined and ethical in how you earn money.

He is a man of actions, who does not just advocate the facts or lecture people but executes the tasks even better and smoothly enough to leave people surprised. His risk-taking abilities and problem solving capabilities are one of a kind. He follows the principle of staying calm in each difficult situation and not hop onto any abrupt solution.

His journey from being an MBA and then completing the Doctor of Philosophy in Management to today being a successful Affiliate Marketer and a blogger is just remarkable. He has inspired a lot of people with his work ethics and dedication of achieving the desired goals in life. He continues to spread the knowledge he has attained by coaching young talents and letting them unleash their true potential. He was also elected as a senate member in Gujarat University during his time there. It reflects on how effectively he does each task when puts his heart into it. 

His other personal interests include spending quality time with the loved ones and playing video games with his friends. To relax his mind in the times of stress, he reaches out to his favourite books, Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets to name a few.

Russel Brunson is his all time inspiration and he truly admires the kind of work Russel has done and appreciates him for the kind of respect Russel has achieved at such a young age. Sachin Tendulkar is his second favourite person on earth and looks up to him to be motivated and get back on track.

Mr. Pulkit advises the Millennials to follow their passion and work like crazy to turn their dreams into reality. He wants everyone to make this world a kinder place to live. We are sure of the fact that his perseverance will surely take him at the top his game, very soon.

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