Sales of cheap second-hand GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs on the rise in China

The prices of GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards have seen a steep decrease in their prices in China’s retail stores. And it’s not because the supply or availability of materials has been fixed, instead of due to a completely other reason. The Beijing government has been cracking hard on Cryptocurrency miners, and Chinese officials last week have extensively shut down numerous cryptocurrency mining farms.

The cryptocurrency farms are a place where several electronic rigs have several graphics processors connected to them. They act on the sole purpose of processing code used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Etherium.

Mining cryptocurrency requires computers and laptops in large quantities, which are arranged in the form of rigs. However, due to the crackdown from Beijing, many crypto mining GPU sellers have relocated to the Sichuan region to sell the used equipment as immediately as possible. This shows the pressure which the cryptocurrency farms have come under.

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According to sources, the Cryptocurrency farms sell used RTX 30 series GPUs for as low as ¥1,760, or around $270. Some even report that the farms are ready to go even lower in someplace. One crypto mining farm is attempting to sell gaming laptops that they utilised for its onboard RTX 3060 GPUs for around $1000.

However, the biggest drawback here is that the GPUs and laptops used for crypto mining don’t have a much longer lifespan to talk about. The mining process stresses out the GPUs to such an extent that their life expectancy is greatly reduced. So any gamers or high-end computer users attempting to purchase these second-hand GPUs or laptops will have to think about this problem carefully.

Crypto mining rigs or devices are continuously running at all times, processing large amounts of code, to be the most effective, thus it exhausts the s**t out of this machine. So gamers or computer users thinking about purchasing these RTX 30 series GPU flash sales, be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Paying $200 for dying graphics and, in turn, damaging your PC is not a logical decision.


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