Solid waste management project to benefit people living along Nullah Leh

Rawalpindi : To propose a possible solution to the problems faced by residents of living in the surrounding areas of Nullah Leh, a meeting was held in Behbood Association Office, Tipu Road, says a press release.

Ms Sundas (Architect, UNDP), Hamid Ullah (Board Member, AHKMT), Ms Sumaira Gul (CEO, AHKMT), Engr. Muhammad Abdul Basit (Programme Manager, AHKMT), Engr. Baqar Ali Siddique (Environmentalist) and fourteen residents as representatives of their respective areas attended the meeting.

Ms Sundas briefed the participants on urban resilience project and described the various health and environmental hazards faced by the residents of Nullah Leh. She said that these risks are both man-made such as the dumping of solid waste in Nullah Leh and natural disasters such as floods. She called upon the people living around Nullah Leh concluded with the remarks that it is upon them as how do they want to see their area in the future, as a traffic hub or a natural park.

Engr. Basit demonstrated that work on Nullah Leh is continuing for two months during which forty four community discussion meetings in twenty two areas ranging from Katariyan to Amar Chowk were held. “Resident described range of issues and hazards they are facing among which lack of solid waste management, Nullah Leh odour problem, lack of provision of safe and clean drinking water were one of the most significant,” he said adding we can carry out three projects in Nullah Leh areas i.e. door-to-door solid waste collection, provision of safe drinking water and plantation. These projects will not only mitigate the risks associated with the nullah but also a number of employment opportunities will be created for the residents of Nullah Leh.

Engr. Basit said that we conducted a pilot study in two areas of Nullah Leh to obtain the basic information for identifying the feasibility of these projects. Later on he shared the findings of survey with the residents and told that every household dumps its waste in Nullah Leh and all of them want to have door-to-door collection system but only 6% people are willing to cooperate.

Ms. Sumaira Gul explained that door-to-door solid waste collection project and described that how this trash will become a source of earning cash for the unemployed youth. She described the importance of solid waste management and the risk it imposed for floods. She added that each household cannot only manage their own waste but also earn a handsome amount of money by segregating and making compost. Mr. Ishfaq (Representative of Ratta Amral) told that the solid waste management project seems to be very beneficial but residents need to be educated and aware about the solid waste management.

Mr. Hamid Ullah briefed the audience about plantation and water filtration projects. He told the residents as how nullah risks could be mitigated and how unemployment through these projects could be reduced. Hamid Ullah directed the representatives to create a group networking on social media and thanked every participant to participate in the meeting. At the end, refreshments were served for the participants.

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