Take home over $100K a year with this project management certification

With this training, you can learn a methodology that will markedly improve your take home salary

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In today’s business world, the pressure is growing for lean process improvement and increased quality. The idea has been around for decades, and companies are actively adopting processes that can help them define, measure, analyze, improve, and control all aspects of their overall quality of output. Whether it’s manufacturing, products, or services, Six Sigma is being adopted by many leading companies around-the-globe. Learning Six Sigma will give you a disciplined, data-driven approach or methodology that eliminates defects in any process.

Project managers are in-demand, but those with expertise in Six Sigma are earning in the six-figure range. Six Sigma is a proven methodology that was developed in 1986 by Motorola Inc. and is being utilized today by Amazon, 3M, Boeing, GE, Ford, Geico, and many more. The proven management methodology provides organizational tools to improve the capabilities of a company’s business processes.

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Amazon has been using Six Sigma since 1999, and it has factored prominently into the company’s Operational Excellence Program. For example, with the idea that you are only as good as the people you bring to it, Amazon adopted a number of Six Sigma concepts, including a deliberate effort to recruit the finest thought leaders from an exclusive selection of top schools.

The lean approach complements the perspective of Six Sigma. If you’re a retailer, you may appreciate that streamlining operations is of the utmost concern. Devoting manpower to fulfillment and customer service rather than engineering could radically improve your sales. With Six Sigma, analyzing data gives you the ability to control where you need to apply the most quality.

Because Six Sigma is a data-driven approach or methodology, certification is a must. The 2021 Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle will guide you through the necessary training to get you certified.

This training suite will help you improve customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and grow revenue. With 45 hours of content, 15 courses, and 1,308 lessons you will cover topics on Lean, Six Sigma and Minitab.

You will learn everything from how to streamline projects and problem-solve more efficiently to the foundations of Six Sigma to how to increase profit margins, and much more. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, this entire bundle gives you the skills you need to earn the big bucks.

The 2021 Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle retails for over $3500 and is on sale for $40.99, a discount of 98 per cent.

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