These Are The Most Searched Travel Questions Right Now

We all miss the thrill of hopping off the plane after a long flight, armed with Google Maps and ready to explore a far flung destination, but as the war against COVID-19 continues, traveling has become more precarious than we could have ever imagined.

Now more than ever, travelers are looking to stay more informed about their future trips, dream destinations, and travel restrictions, and that is reflected in what people have been Googling when it comes to travel. Club Med used Google search data to find the top ten travel questions people are searching for right now—and the results may surprise you.

From the expected “when can we travel again” to more practical questions like, “is travel insurance worth it?” and “will travel resume in 2021?,” these are the top questions on everyone’s lips—and exactly how travel experts are navigating these questions.

1) Is traveling a hobby?

Yes. If you do it in your spare time for pleasure, it’s a hobby,” Club Med travel experts explained. “For many people, travel ticks those boxes. The rise of DIY holiday packages and price comparison sites has meant that many people can travel cheaply and more frequently across nearby countries. Because of this, more and more people consider traveling to be one of their hobbies.”

2) Why is traveling important? 

Not only does travel help broaden our understanding of the world around us and develop an appreciation for other cultures and traditions, it helps build memories with family and friends.

3) Is travel insurance worth it? 

In short… yes! Emergency medical treatment overseas can be pricey and especially during the pandemic, you don’t want to be stuck footing your own medical bill.

4) Is traveling safe right now?

There’s no guarantee that traveling right now is completely risk free.

5) How do travel bloggers make money? 

“Travel bloggers can make money in different ways, including selling travel photos, affiliate marketing, placing ads on their blogs, social media collaborations and paid posts, and monetizing YouTube videos,” explains Club Med. “Travel bloggers with large platforms can sometimes also make money through public speaking opportunities and freelance writing gigs.”

6) Why is traveling good for you? 

The physical and mental health benefits of traveling include: the vitamin D boost from visiting sunnier climates can boost immunity and promote healthy bones, teeth and muscles.Traveling also helps promote gratitude, develop positive habits, and in certain cases, it can easily be considered educational as well. 

7) Which travel credit card is the best? 

There are endless travel credit cards on the market right now—each of which with its own benefits and things to consider based on your lifestyle and needs.

8) Can traveling affect your period?

Yes (unfortunately!) “Many people who menstruate experience changes to their menstrual cycle while on holiday,” explains Club Med. “Although traveling is usually associated with relaxation and de-stressing from everyday life, the stresses it puts our bodies through (late nights, diet changes) can cause changes to periods.”

9) Will travel resume in 2021?

Nobody can really say exactly when travel will resume—but with vaccines becoming more available, it’s hopeful that travel will resume in the distant future.

10) Do travel agents still exist?

While many people opt to plan their own holidays, according to Club Med, travel agents continue to thrive as specialists in areas such as sustainable travel, long-haul and ski trips.

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