Top Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap in July 2021


Invest in these best cryptocurrencies 

The cryptocurrency market is heading towards a green, upward trajectory and this is a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies. According to their market caps, here are the biggest cryptocurrencies to invest in.



1. Bitcoin 

Market Cap: US$616.3 billion

Launched in 2009, this cryptocurrency is the biggest player in the market that earned the trust of millions of investors. It has revolutionized the financial world with its tremendous run from 2015 to 2017. It saw a sharp spike in its price and soon tanked to half of its highest value of US$65,000. However, Bitcoin has since bounced back despite being the target of volatility. Presently, though Bitcoin is only trading at US$32,811, it is still unmatched. 


2. Ethereum 

Market Cap: US$232.02 billion 

Second, Bitcoin is Ether which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Over the past year, Ether has shot up over 854% with many growth drivers. Ethereum’s upcoming update, ETH 2.0 will play a critical role in transforming Defi. Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to launch smart contracts on its network and many cryptocurrencies have now been created on Ethereum’s network. This trust and capabilities are two of the many reasons Ether is favored by many. Its current trading price is US$1,985.


3. Tether 

Market Cap: US$62.21 billion 

Unlike the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies and many others, Tether is a stable coin with its value pegged to a fiat currency like the Euro or the US dollar. Investors who want to minimize the risk of market volatility can invest in stable coins like Tether. 


4. Binance Coin 

Market Cap: US$47.66 billion 

Binance Coin benefited from its connection with Binance Exchange, despite a little hiccup when the UK government banned Binance exchange. As long as there is activity on the crypto exchange platform, which is unlikely to stop as Binance Exchange is the best in the world, Binance Coin will continue to see a bull run. That makes this a no-brainer investment.


5. Cardano 

Market Cap: US$41.43 billion 

In the past year, Cardano’s value shot up by 1,259%. At the time of writing, it is trading at US$1.29 but market experts predict that it will soon reach the US$10 mark. Recently, Coinbase has added Cardano to its platform and Tesla, which suspended Bitcoin as a mode of payment owing to its high energy requirements, is considering Cardano. The crypto coin is also launching smart contracts platform called Alonzo which is added to its utility in the DeFi sector. These factors and more are the reasons to see big performances from Cardano. 


6. XRP 

Market Cap: US$28.69 billion 

XRP is a crypto token that works for long-term investment. It’s currently trading at US$0.6224 but market gurus predict that its value will reach US$0.60. It’s one of the most reliable and no-risk investments because of its low price and great potential. Launched in 2012, it became the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the market in a short span. 


7. USD Coin 

Market Cap: US$26.55 billion 

USD Coin is another stable coin, pegged to the US dollar. With every single USD Coin bought, the investor is bound to get the value of one USD. What is added to its utility factor is the introduction of other blockchains to its network like Solana and Algorand other than just Ethereum. Having three blockchains makes this cryptocurrency more secure and fast. 


8. Dogecoin 

Market Cap: US$26.42 billion 

Dogecoin’s origin story is known to all, so this is what investors need to know now. Dogecoin has seen a dodgy trading pattern that spiked with controversies and hype. Now that Elon Musk’s tweets shifted focus towards Baby Doge, the value of Dogecoin is bouncing back steadily, after witnessing a massive crash in April. At the moment, Dogecoin’s price is US$0.2026. 


9. Polkadot 

Market Cap: US$14.15 billion 

Polkadot has a big aim in the crypto market, to unite all blockchain and create a “multichain”. When this happens, Polkadot is going to go on a bull run and many investors are betting on it. In a previous couple of months, Polkadot grew by 70% and the streak is expected to continue. 


10. Uniswap 

Market Cap: US$11.21 billion 

Uniswap is one of those cryptocurrencies that is fast at stabilizing after a market crash. Right now, Uniswap is trading at the value of  US$18.98 and experts predict the value will reach US$25, by the end of the year.

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