UIUX hacks for your WordPress themes

11 Most popular UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Here in this article, I will show you 11 UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes. The best way to improve your website’s or blog’s bounce rate is to improve the User interface or User Experience (UI/UX). But the problem is how to do that?


A good UI/UX designed blog gets more attention than a non UI/UX. Your readers are your future customers and customers are GOD. So, if you pay more attention to serve your customers with your high quality products or services you can retain them forever.

A satisfied customer will come again and again to your website if you take care of their needs. You need to ask yourself: Is my site easy to navigate? Are my customers enjoying their interaction with my site’s structure? How happy are my readers as an overall?

The easy way is to understand what your target user is. Did I align my blog’s objective with the content?

What is User Interface (UI)?

Many of you might be wondering what the hell is UI ? Let me tell you that a User Interface (UI) is the process of making the necessary changes in your blog with the intention and focus to improve the looks , style and design. It is also known as the Graphical User Interface.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Whereas User experience design (UX) is the step by step process of how your users interact with the product or services (in this case your Blog) by supporting their behavior through usability, usefulness, and desirability.

In this article, I have shared 11 UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes which will definitely help you to increase user retention and get more page views and increase the overall user experience of your website.

These are the hacks mentioned in this podcast, listen to the complete podcast to get detailed information on each:

11 UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Back to top button

A Back to Top Button is a small arrow shaped square button that appears when any readers start scrolling the page. It Generally appears at the bottom right or left corner of the page. It helps users to go top of the page instantly when clicked.

In my blog you can see this button on the bottom left corner of the page because my contents are on the left side. You can create this button on your website by using CSS or Jquery. Here is the link on how to create the Back to Top button using CSS.

Alternately, you can go to the setting of your Generate press Dashboard–>Appearance–>Customize–>Layout–>Footer and enable the Back to Top Button from the drop down

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes
UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Fixed header bar (when a user scrolls down)

Fixed or sticky header bar is the menu bar on the top of your blog that appears automatically and stays frozen when a user scrolls down the page. 

It helps users to see the menu bar on the top and can navigate to another page easily. You can create the same using css and html if you know coding. Here is the link how to create a fixed top up menu.

Alternately you can install a plugin called myStickymenu where you can change the settings and create one for your blog. It is fast, lightweight and easy to use plugin which will definitely improve the User experience of your readers.

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Improve your hamburger menu button

This is one thing you might probably be using in your mobile but may not be optimized. Many of us use half of the menu where only a few options are there to choose. But, think from a user point of view, when a user clicks on the menu he might be looking for more options and your duty is to provide them on the menu bar. It’s a popular UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes.

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Modify the previous next buttons 

Most of the common themes generally show the last post and the previous post at the end of the blog post. Which may not be relevant to your current blog post. You can easily hack this to showcase the post from the same category. 

When a user reads your blog post the chances are more likely to visit or click the same category post which you have already written. So it always advisable to change the code of your theme and show related posts, popular posts from the same category at the end of the blog post as well as on the side bar. It improves your SEO

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Responsive Web Design 

Your website or blog must be architected  in such a way that the design and layout should be flexible across various devices like PC, ipad, mobile. So that it can serve people from various categories and the user experience is great and you get more customer retention. Now the situation demands with the number of growing usages of mobile. 

The good news is that most of the WordPress themes currently are responsive and with a little tweak you can make it more attractive. Google also demands and recommends the same so that it can match their service standard and you get more traffic to your blog.

Content-Focused Design

A blog with great content, text or audio visual media is a powerful way of communicating your readers and it adds value to your users. Make sure while writing any blog post you must ensure that it must have relevant images or videos along with unique content.

A very good example of Content Focused Design is the blog of Neil Patel. Where he featured his experiences prominently and aesthetically across the post and provides valuable experiences. 

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Consistent Design 

Your site design, structure and behavior should be consistent across the blog to attract more readers. It not only impresses Google but also impress users and improves your site rating.

Intuitive Design

Your blog should work the way the user rationally expects it to and they shouldn’t undergo a learning curve. Meaning that your readers should learn to use the blog as they move around without wasting time to learn how to navigate.

Also try to improve the layout of your home page as well as the blog post layout. It should be Elegant  and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes of your readers.

 Familiar Design 

If you create or change any design of your blog due to some issues the  changes and behavior shouldn’t be too drastic or unfamiliar to the user that they need to learn it again how to use that.

The same familiar design will save your team’s time of iterating on finding the user journey, iterating on product features basis analytics, user insights – all of which you already spent years fixing and arriving at this design, hence saving a massive amount of time to relaunch. Also , People are used to this design already. So there is ZERO effort or money you need to spend on Onboarding the user.

A classic example is the JioMeet and Zoom app

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

People love trolling, gossiping. And what else would make better gossip than Jio copying Zoom’s design? And that’s exactly what happened, people shared the copying design like crazy – giving Jio free downloads and PR and zero cost. Smart.  

I’m sure Jio will update the app’s design in a few months from now – but they’ve already got a brilliant start.  Good product managers create more features. Great product managers create maximum impact in lesser features.  

Clean Design 

A Clean, an organized, flat and simple design and function always attracts more people to use the product again and again. A 6 years old kid should also learn to use it properly. A example is code.org

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes

Efficient blog

 Nobody likes a slow website or blog which takes lots of time to load on your browser. It decreases the efficiency of your blog. So efficiency is the key particularly if a user needs to spend a lot of time on your site.

You can use various tools like pingdom to monitor your blog’s performance and enhance the efficiency.

UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes


All the above mentioned hack i have personally used in my blogs and got tremendous response and my bounce rate increases day by day. I know it’s not a one day task, I need to work hard continuously to give you more value and the best user experience.

I hope these 11 most popular UI/UX hacks for WordPress themes will increase your readers’ interest in your blog if you implement it right. The bottom line is you have to satisfy your readers/customers’ needs and work accordingly. You can also read popular blog posts and watch youtube to learn more on this topic. But this is what they will say again and again.

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