Wetland and Wildlife Biologist, Project Manager

2DOT is a small (12-14 staff) interdisciplinary environmental consulting firm based in Denver, CO with offices throughout CO + WY. We focus on biology, environmental engineering, technology, and cost saving measures for environmental planning, siting, permitting, and compliance services for land development. 

HORSEPOWER! It’s how we keep up. Our staff has over a century of combined experience in environmental compliance and engineering. We integrate homegrown knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations with economics and science to maintain the equilibrium of our natural resources.

Position Overview

Our Colorado office is currently seeking a Wetland and Wildlife Biologist with a strong science background to support a variety of energy projects in CO, WY, and UT. Our consultation practice includes routing, siting, and permitting of wind, and solar, electric power generation, electric transmission lines and substations, natural gas pipelines, and other related facilities.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced biologist with advanced experience in wildlife and raptor management and wetland delineations. The primary responsibility of the position would be to manage all components of wildlife + migratory birds and lead wetland delineations as well as facilitate 404 permitting through the Army Corp of Engineers. The position would require that the individual be proficient in biology, project management, permitting, task management, budgeting, technical writing, and data collection techniques.

The position will be filled by a CO or WY resident and would require a combination of field (primarily during the growing season) work in the western U.S as well as an ability to balance office work responsibilities. Please do not apply if you don’t meet the minimum requirements.

  • Signing bonus: Up to a $5,000 signing bonus for qualified applicants (stipulations apply).
  • 100% paid health + dental + short/long-term disability + 401K + dog friendly office.


  • Managing at the task level, the biological resources of large-scale projects.
  • Technical writing including proposals, technical reports, and senior level reviews of peer prepared reports
  • Costing biological resource tasks for a range of projects.
  • Proven track record of providing quality, on-time products for clients, both internal and external.
  • Ability to work concurrently on several projects each at different phases.
  • The position will require travel during the field season. Overnight travel for to 8-10 days at a time is not unusual.
  • Understanding of field surveys for wetlands and other biological resources with a minimum of 5 years of practical experience, 10 years preferred.

Position Requirements

  • Wetland delineation certification and/or training a minimum requirement.
  • Expertise in leading and conducting wildlife and raptor surveys, both independently and as a crew lead.
  • Expertise in leading and conducting wetland and stream identification and delineation, both independently and as a crew lead.
  • Knowledge and understanding of federal and state regulations pertaining to state and federally-listed species.
  • Knowledge and understanding of federal and state regulations pertaining to wetlands and other biological resources.
  • Experience with botanical and other biological surveys and a variety of vegetation sampling techniques such as line-point intercept and other methods.
  • Experience and a strong ability to effectively communicate with regulatory agencies and clients.
  • Experience writing proposals, estimating costs, and project management.
  • Proficient in technical writing, study plan compilation, describing baseline conditions, and impact analyses.
  • Researching and interpreting federal, state, and local regulations on a project-specific basis to assess project permitting feasibility and requirements; and interface with regulatory agencies.
  • Attention to detail, ability to work independently, willingness to work as part of team, and the ability to stay positive and effective during long days in the field are critical.
  • Willing to work in sometimes difficult conditions and often miles from a vehicle. Physical challenges typically encountered may include long off-trail hikes, steep slopes, extreme hot and cold conditions and biological hazards (animals and plants).
  • The successful applicant will be safety conscience and continually assess ways to mitigate hazards.
  • Applicant must be able to work with and communicate with a diverse group of co-workers and clients to provide high quality and efficient work products.

Education, Experience & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences.
  • At least 5 years of experience with 10 years preferred.
  • A strong background of coursework and/or experience in a natural science (e.g., botany, soils, wetland science, or ecology) and field data collection.
  • Data management and excellent oral and written communication skills are essential.
  • Wetland Delineation Training.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform basic data analyses, compile data, and write technical documents.
  • Demonstrated ability to use and create spreadsheets or databases to summarize data and create tables.
  • Experience with electronic data collection (e.g. tablet).

Other Desirable Knowledge & Experience

  • Positive attitude, willingness to learn, and enjoyment of working outdoors.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Working knowledge of geographic information system (GIS);
  • Experience with environmental impact analysis related to energy and land management projects; biological resources mitigation, design and monitoring; and construction monitoring.

To Apply

  • If you are interested, please click “Apply” below to email an updated resume.
  • Then, be sure to call Scheri Thatcher to schedule a phone interview (303-953-2255) to discuss this position with 2DOT.

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