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What is Affiliate Marketing? How you can EARN $1000/month working from Home?

So, finally you decided to learn about Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s not wait and Jump to the Definition of Affiliate Marketing

It’s an awesome process of promoting other’s products or services (whatever you like) online (mostly via Blog and other social media platform) and get commission or payment when someone click your links to buy that particular products or services.

Isn’t it so simple?

In a simple word It’s a channel where many product owners (like Amazon) search for the creative marketers who can help them to sell their quality product.

Affiliate marketing is just a name given to the Performance based marketing where you are selling someone’s products with your own marketing efforts in which business rewards and it’s absolutely FREE of Cost.

I guess you might have seen those LIC or SBI Life agents or those car dealers in showrooms in your city.

They are pure salesman.

In short, affiliate marketers are also a form of salesmanship.

The only difference is that they do it offline, meeting each and every people and we do it online, connecting whole world. Smart work? 😉

Mindset for Affiliate Marketing

You must have few core ingredients to become an Affiliate Marketers. Mindset for Affiliate marketers is to understand the core ingredients.

So here are those

  1. Affiliate Marketing is no a quick-reach scheme, it takes time to understand do’s and don’t
  2. Affiliate Marketing Need your full efforts, it is not going to change your life magically, you need to invest your time, money than you can become an amazing affiliate marketer
  3. It’s not a technique to sell any products, because every person has experts in their respective areas and based on it they can use their knowledge.
  4. It’s not a technique to make as much money as you want until you have a team to work for you.

Myths about Affiliate Marketing

  1. Finding the right affiliate products is very hard: It’s not at all true. See around your study room, you will find so many products, go to your bedroom and see what products are you using currently, Go to your kitchen to see what are the products your dear one is using for your delicious food. What I mean to say that there are lots of products and services that are there to promote. I am sure by reading this article you will get to know so many ideas
  2. Need a lot of technical knowledge to run an Affiliate Blog: There is a little technical knowledge you need to know but that does not mean that you need to know to code. Here you no need to create any App or develop software. You need to understand very few basic knowledge like how to install WordPress, How to write on your blog, how to upload the images or videos etc.
  3. Setting up a perfect blog is difficult: No again. It’s not so difficult. In my blog, you learn all the steps one by one. So be focussed and read the article completely.
  4. Affiliate is very competitive Seriously, no. The Market is expanding and more and more companies are using affiliate marketing to promote their products or services. This market is expected to grow 8 billion by 2023. It is growing and the basic funda is that where there is competition there is money. Be with your competitors and earn your money.
  5. Driving traffic is very difficult: It is difficult if you target lot of people, but for the targeted audience, it is not that tough. You have to have your own focussed audience for them you need to write articles.
  6. Ranking articles is tough to be very honest Google frequently changes its policies. So sometimes it is tough and sometimes it very easy. Once you understand the basic SEO fundamentals and learn how to pleased google it won’t be tough at all.
  7. Finding writers is very difficult. No, it is not. You will learn to write very good compelling content for your readers. No one is born writers but one learns it by doing it again and again.
  8. Affiliate is not for a long time. No, it is in the long run. For example, if someone is fighting to sell his/her product very hard but could not sell it. And then you approach him/her and ask them if you can sell their products with your efforts, will they say NO. I don’t think so. So affiliate marketing will always be there.

Here is how Affiliate Marketing works in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: You join an affiliate program

Step 2: You pick a product to promote (You will get a unique affiliate link)

Step 3: You share the link via Social media, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or any other form

Step 4: When someone makes a purchase, you earn a handsome affiliate commission.

But the BIG question is – Why are companies like Amazon looking for affiliate marketers when they can sell their products at their own or even, they can hire more salesman in their office to increase the sale.

I had exactly same question when I started affiliate marketing.

I mean why would anyone pay to someone just to bring sales. Why would they pay $100 per sale where they could save this affiliate commission just by hiring some more marketing guys?

I got the answer when I studied it more.

Because they want more creative minds to promote their products. More channels and more people working hard to bring more sales for them.

Those affiliate sales are generated with the ZERO INVOLVEMENT of the product owners. They just create an affiliate link for you, and you bring sales for them with your efforts.

OK.. Just give me answers.

What is better?

Hiring 10 marketing guys in the company who help them to bring sales or recruiting 100 affiliate marketing guys at FREE of cost which brings them sales?

Hope you got the answer.

That’s why this is the most popular method to make money online.

Every company wants to promote their product and willing to share 50-70% commission as an affiliate commission when you bring sales for them.

Summing it up, affiliate marketing is a great channel for the product owners to bring some extra sales and an outstanding channel for us to make money by selling the products online.

How Affiliate Marketing works

 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • You don’t need to create a product
  • It’s very easy to start
  • Almost all affiliates are FREE to join
  • Recurring Commission for life

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • No Control over the Products you are promoting
  • Products may discontinue after some time
  • Bad reviews

 List of Affiliate Marketers

  1. Clickbank
  2. Shareasale,
  3. JVzoo,
  4. Hotmart,
  5. Clickbooth,
  6. Ads 4 Dough,
  7. Commission Junction,
  8. Amazon Affiliate Program, and
  9. eBay Partners Program.

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“The Handbook to Affiliate Marketing”, by Harsh Agrawal (Founder of, is a perfect guide for you to get started with the most profitable online business model which can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet.

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