What is Elementor

What is Elementor | Is it the No 1 Theme for WordPress as claimed?

I was struggling to customize my website and was desperately looking for a solution. Then I came to know about What is Elementor. But you know being an IT Expert I was a bit skeptical, whether to use it or not.

I was not sure whether it is secure or not. You know the most biggest fear in any blogger is to bing hacked.

I then researched a lot on Google read a few articles watched some videos on Youtube, and finally decided to use it on my website.

I know you have the same questions. So, here we go

What is Elementor

Back in those days creating a stunning website was a dream. You need to write a hell lots of code, the design your own template. No idea how to showcase your content in an appropriate order.

But, now a days gone are those days. We have the power.

When I was installing WordPress the first thing it asked to choose a theme and next is building a page.

In one line Elementor is an easy to use drag-and-drop method, wonderful page builder, for any WordPress website or Affiliate Blog

This plugin helps me create the most beautiful and stunning pages using a very easy to use Graphical Interface visual editor. It is designed in such a way that we can build a dynamic website very quickly with less effort.

And the best part is that you no need write a single code and it’s FREE

How To Make A WordPress website with Elementor

Elementor gives us a ton of customization. We can literally control each and every part of our website and make an awesome good looking blog.

It’s a one man army solution where you can create your own brand, create motion effect , use slide , create FAQ and what not.

Also this plugin is 100% mobile and tablet responsive. Everything is resize properly for any device we use.

And this very important because most of we search any website with our mobile device. So elemtor takes care of this too.

A Step by step Beginner’s guide

Pros and Cons of Elementor

Elementor is 100% free
The user interface is awesome
It has all the Global widgets
The best part is it’s an Open source software
It also has own Active Facebook group
You can do limitless customization
Periodic and Regular updates for security

Some stylings are Forced by default
It is a bit confusing between Global and static template
Few marketing-oriented features are lacking

Why we should use Elementor?

This question is null and void now. See the screenshot. There are 5+ Million Active Installation and the rating is 5 out of 5. If this stats does not make you statue you need to read this article till end.

What is Elementor

The bloggers clearly love this plugin.

How to Use Elementor


Elementor is on of the fastest page builder plugin. Coincidentally today is Elementor’s birthday and they are offering a huge sale.

Buy Elementor now

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