The rapper is a longtime business partner with his manager Ankit Khanna and has taken immense interest in cryptocurrency transactions lately.

Rapper Raftaar has declared that he will acknowledge crypto money rather than genuine cash as his presentation expense. He has become the principal Indian artiste to do as such. Raftaar said that he has been a vigorous admirer of blockchain innovation and tolerating installment utilizing a similar innovation resembles a little glimpse of heaven for him. He has effectively begun taking crypto installments for his show planned to be held in July.

The interest in digital currency has been seeing an expansion in the previous few years. The frenzy has been helped by the consistent help via web-based media from tech tycoon Elon Musk. Raftaar has credited his supervisor Ankit Khanna for making courses of action for tolerating digital currency as his acting or presentation charge. He said that he has consistently asked why craftsmen and administrators haven’t investigated the capability of this problematic medium up until now.

With this, he became the first Indian Artist to have demanded Cryptocurrency instead of actual money.

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